1. Curses! Foiled again!
    I just saw this on the CoV LJ group, and rushed over here to post it.
    This is great stuff!

  2. Fabulous concept (but, then, the idea of the mysterious radio boom box giving missions is a fabulous concept).
    Execution, at least on the one I listened to, was, though, meh. Didn’t get the scansion on the lines very well (there’s some definite rhyming/poetry in the text which was completely ignored in how it was read).
    But, still, mad props to the page owner for actually doing it.

  3. From what I understand, there is a similar contact far later on in the form of a Television.
    That contact gives a badge mission ( badge name escapes me ) but the text reads “A television told you to break into a warehouse and bust up a bunch of other televisions. Surreal.”

  4. There’a a what that gives a badge mish? I can safely say that the television contact isn’t in the 1-30 content. I wonder if it’s Hard Case, though not being high enough to get that contact yet, I can’t say for sure.
    Definitely some scary scary stuff.

  5. It is the Media Junkie badge and it is a red top/green bottom with 4 pips. From that I would guess it is the 35-40 range. Got a ways to go still on my alts.

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