No fair! :)

Since CoV came out, Jackie has had just… depressingly good luck with character names. She has snagged:
* Hedera (for a plant controller)
* Merry Mayhem (for her ‘perky evil’ brute)
* Unhinged (for her crazy Mastermind with ninjas named things like Flash Gordon and Buck Rodgers)
* Darling (for her Corruptor)
No misspellings, no weird spellings, no odd characters in the name…
Just… no fair.


  1. Yep..she has been lucky. 🙂
    But then I haven’t had any problems with snagging names either…except of 19….which I really wanted to be 13. Which has made naming his pets easy 19.1 and 19.2.
    Oh, well.
    But then again…the average gamer is not as smart as Jackie…and tends to pick out very unimanginative names.
    For Exmaple:
    Oren Ishi-i
    Oren Ishi-i 2
    Thing One and Thing Two (Great frelling costumes though)
    But, yeah…not a lot of creativity out there name wise.
    Also, Doyce, If you get a chance, ask De about her take on the name Copper Mountian. ;P

  2. About the only good name luck I’ve had lately is finding ‘Crane’ to be available on Champion.
    Other then that, a lot of mine are ‘villainous’ enough that no one would have thought to have taken them by now ( I doubt we’d ever have seen a hero named ‘Murder Colonel’ ).

  3. I’ve rarely had problems getting a name I wanted, in *some* form (and leaving off bad spelling). Noble or social (or military) titles, alternative suffixes, adding a name to the front. Unless you are dead set on being called “Evil,” not “Baroness Evil” or “Evilette” or “Evil I” or “Edna Evil,” not a lot of problem finding a satisfactory name. Esp. in CoV, which doesn’t have a year of hero-players taking up still more naming slots.

  4. Well, I had to make Bloodraven into Bloodied Raven, but Brute Indigo and Crimson Prophet were both available.

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