Week in review

Kind of a random day to do the week in review, but I haven’t done one just recently, so here we go.
Also, a new format to the summary.

Hang Time
(Level: 50)
Personally, things are good for Jason — he’s gotten out of the house a little bit, and did some work with Positron (“Senior” member of the Freedom Phalanx) last week, just to knock the rust off. There were a few problems during the task force with Sabrina, however — since the kidnapping, she’s been unwilling to use her dark powers, and on top of that seems to be having headaches and NOT talking to him about it. That’s the most frustrating thing, really, for him — the not-talking.
After the missions, he headed back to the apartment and the two of them had a heart to heart — she’s not feeling ‘right’, and while he’s willing to give her some space, he got her to agree to getting ‘checked out’ if things weren’t better in a week. She went to sleep (he thinks) to him reading her a story from Frog and Toad are Friends.
Game Notes: Did a respec on HT to make him all Issue Six happy — knew I was doing the Positron TF, so I got things slotted up so that even by just level 15 he was flying and hovering REALLY FAST: Enhancement diversification actually helped with that. Also, dropped Hasten. Looking forward to getting out into some high-level missions to see how he plays.

(Level: 47)
No gameplay or roleplay with Hype in the last week, which… is just weird as hell to say. Need to fix that. Respecced him last week and everything seems to be working fine, even with Hasten no longer permanent.
The next big ‘plot’ thing with Hype has to do with some personal ‘event’ in his life and also some more problems with his telepathic link with Syn, which is currently all higgledy-piggledy.

(Level: 33)
No gameplay or roleplay in the last week. Seems to be working fine following his respec — like Hype, actually seems to have fewer endurance problems now, even with Stamina powers not working as well as they used to — mostly due to me (probably) over-compensating in other ways.

(level: 24 ((NEW!)))
John’s working the slow road to getting some of his memory back. He’s also trying to track down his ‘history’, not memory:
1. He used to be military, but the unit tattoo on his arm is for a platoon that doesn’t exist, and never did.
2. Why does he have a ‘Portal Smasher’ tattoo on his shoulder?
3. The hell were he and his unit doing in Boomtown in the first place?
In other news:
* Raene took off to Australia to find an old friend she knew from before the Rikti War — like John, she’s looking for her past. John told her he loved her before she left, and she said the same, but since she left, she has not communicated with him in ANY WAY. He’s trying not take it personally, but…
* Ren (Hekuba) is also trying to recover her memories, and John and she have been together a lot — partly to help out Abi, the ‘working girl’ who has become Ren’s pet project, and partly just because it’s very natural and comfortable for them to do so… (like old times, except it’s only Ren who remembers that very well.)
** Two nights back, a platonic hug turned… non-platonic and… well, there was some kissing; promptly followed by John saying something stupid like “I’m with Raene” and Ren realizing she now hates herself and running out of the building.
** Last night, Ren and John talked about a whole bunch of stuff: The nictus fragment growing in her head and what John thinks can fix it, the kiss, the kheldian John’s merged with, the kiss, their shared past and the kind of relationship they (probably) used to have, the kiss, Ren’s childhood, and the kiss.
* Pearl is still looking for “Tanner”, and feeling kinda hopeless but found a friend in Fyrborn — another hero who lost his wife. It helps to know you’re not alone.
Gameplay notes: Dinged to 24 and picked up a new power. I was originally going to pick up … whatever the name of the power is that works basically like a fireball? Doesn’t matter, I didn’t get it — picked up a self-heal power instead — John’s second self-heal — something I’ve discovered I’m a BIG fan of with my front-line fighters. Also, it looks really friggin’ cool when he uses it.
As part of Hekuba’s story, he’ll be running the Moonfire Task Force, PDQ.

(level: 19)
Briefly considered running Gilly in the Synapse Task Force that Lela’s running tonight — it was either her or Strategist, and it would have been nice to level her up to the Big Two-Oh — but opted instead to give the whole thing a pass, because Synapse is one of my least favorite TF’s… and one I’ve run at least a half-dozen times.

(Level: 17 ((NEW!)))
Kethos has been working on getting Devil’s Night working — expanded the secret base into more of the old warehouse that he’s taken over and signed up two new members, “Steel Souls” (which is a very intentional double entendre, I think), and “Follow” (who does).
Roleplay-wise, I’m focusing mostly on simply playing Keth within the framework of the story arcs in the game for now — Keth and Myca are ‘solid’ as far as personal drama goes, so he’s more light-RP, good gameplay, and enjoying the new City of Villains stuff.
I know I won’t be able to leave that alone for long and will have to mix things up with him a bit more and complicate matters, but for now, we’re good.
Gameplay Notes: At level 16, picked up Plasma Shield, which protects (also) from Hold and Sleep attacks. Level 18: Dark Consumption (to recover endurance, yay), Level 20: Acrobatics (to protect from getting knocked all over the fight, YAY), Level 22: Consume (for MORE endurance recovery, Yay!). Good stuff.
Note: Need to run lower-level missions as someone’s malefactor to earn more Infamy to buy shiny enhancements.
Plan to do the first “Strike Force” (CoV Task Force) this weekend, I think.

(Level: 14)
Lukacs is focusing his attentions on the Hollows, where bombing and strange tunneling activity has left the area overrun with drug-mutated-humans-turn-“Trolls”, and the strange “Pumicite” creatures. There are a couple cool story arcs in this area that really suit him down to the, ahem, ground.
Gameplay notes: Might respec him to pick up a travel power, now that know what I’m getting.

Shade Dancer
(Level: 14)
No recent gameplay or roleplay.

(Level: 10 ((NEW!)))
Barret’s got a very interesting thing going with Cassidy, who is totally insane. More need not be said. Had the chance to work with some other aspiring criminals, but still haven’t aligned him with any of the supergroups out there. Picked up Obsidian Shield (mez protection) at level 10.

Markov Chain
(Level 6)
Need to do some work, both in gameplay and roleplay, with Mark. Looking forward to this.


  1. This is really kewl. I like how you have the PC story but also have the “roll” at the bottom. Very nice format.
    You almost had me interested in playing….almost

  2. Lori….the taste is free. ;P
    Thanks for the Update.
    Synapse last night. Remebered Why I Don’t remember doing it. Zazi did it, and the Clanks didn’t bother her at all…it was just a hack fest with her.
    We rolled lastnight….scary.

    I have had a great time bouncing Zot off of other ‘Toons this week…and she is the easiest Toon to play solo since Zazi…great fun.

    Still working on A voice For Gasta that is not Dubh. Still getting the Hang of Corrupters. They are not Blasters….nor are they Defenders…they are just odd really.

    19…The Prisoner if he was a Punk. Great fun.

    “Ike” My Favorite “Code Name” and fun to play and RP.

    Puck got drug into so many things last week….
    Wedding of two other ‘toons…fun…but I really don’t need to do any more of those.
    Sillyness with Starbreaker….Really don’t need to deal anymore with him either. Wonderful Irony in it all though…but…so glad he is someone elses problem now.
    Currently I seen no reason to Respec her….But I might move 3 pips from stamina elsewhere.
    ((3/4 of a bubble from 42))

  3. If you can find some lower level people to Malefactor us, give me a shout. I need to get some infamy for Atom-Smasher too.
    To get a full set of 20 DOs, I needed 190k Infamy and only had 110k, so most of my team-based stuff is updated for the SF, but still missing a couple acc, all my damage, range, fly and run speed.

  4. “Ike” and 19 can both Mal, if you need it. Just let me know.
    Still sticking to the no buying DO’s until 27 plan…with the exception of buying new ones to combine with reds.
    Zot got her 100k Damage sustained Badge yesterday “Stoic”.

  5. I just got my MM, Crimson Prophet, to 15 yesterday. Hoping to do a SF Sunday. Feel free to let me know if you need a 15 to help out on your teams sometime.
    Bloodied Raven (whom I’ve rather abandoned thanks to a totally botched – technically, not from an RP standpoint, really – RP session) and Brute Indigo are both 12.

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