Couple more days of CoH in review

Just to get up to date before The Visit throws my play schedule all out of whack.
Not that it isn’t already — lately, if I get online by 7pm, it’s a good night, and with needing to be in at work by 6am this week… yeah.

(Level: 49)
Hype’s ‘colors’ have attracted the attention of a pre-cognitive empath. The Old Testament meets the Tao te Ching. So. Much. Fun. Laughter is good.
Still, for all that, it’s a real spiritual thing: Ashe is really digging into himself — finding out what really matters to him, now that his grandfather’s dead. He hasn’t found the answers yet, but he’s looking.
In short, he’s growing up.
Ran the Sara Moore task force with Hype, Shock, Kin, Psi-Clone, Amorpha, Zephyr, Li, and Puck. Had a couple people hit the ground here and there due to either ambushes or being too close to the ‘damage cloud’ that hovers around any tank who’s fighting Nemesis, but otherwise it went really well. The last group that ran this thing (Shock and Kin were on it, so I heard about it) needed something like 2 or 3 days to finish it, and had one or two TPK’s fighting the AV. We ran it in a night and the AV dropped kinda scary fast once Kin cleared the minions out.
I hear tell there’s more AVs in the next couple Shard TF’s… like… five? Six? Cool.
Picked up Hype’s last power: Rise of Phoenix. Strictly an RP-type power: Hype doesn’t know it yet, but for all intents and purposes, he can’t die — his will’s too strong. (See one of my quotes from the last update.)
Sidenote to Empathy people: Absorb pain is an awesome ‘save the tank’ heal, and Adrenal Boost…
My. God.
I know it used to suck, but holy cow it is SO DAMN GOOD now. It’s like RA, plus Speed Boost, plus Regen Aura, and then doubled. Daddy like.

(level: 32)
Need to write the Coconut Trophy thing… and the next post for Working Girl. Damn. So far behind I think I’m going to lap myself.

Lucian Strange
(level: 17 (new))
Parry is six-slotted: Lucian can use the Medicine pool heal in mid-combat without getting interrupted 🙂
Lucian hasn’t had a lot of rp yet (aside from being hit on by everything with two legs), but that’s mostly my desire to get him up to SO’s as soon as possible — that’s really where I’d like to be before getting heavily into RP. He lost his jingle-jet yesterday, so I’m hoofing it around the city, Strategist-style, for now… Lucian’s build doesn’t include a travel power: just like Strat.
UNLIKE Strat, I’m having a lot fewer problems with endurance: my current build plan doesn’t have Stamina coming in until level 30, and if it doesn’t seem like I need it even then, I won’t get it. Right now, he’s running Invincible and his endurance is fine.

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