Week in Review

Random Bits…

Hang Time
(Level: 50)
Started the Shard Task Force, but ran into a few hitches.
1. Blasters are squishy aggro magnets.
2. Controllers… also squishy aggro magnets.
3. Rularuu suck.
4. Valentine’s Day content we’ll miss if we stay in the TF.
Right. So, we postponed the TF for a bit and quit the thing so we can go get limited-time badges and stuff.

(Level: Fiddy)
Will probably run the Valentine’s Day content up to a point with him, just cuz the guy needs the Handsome badge. 🙂

(Level: 34)
Nothing this week, thought I got to hear about something cool with Tactician last night… 🙂

(level: 32)
Need to get John going again. Didn’t get the Manticore TF rolling. Need to fix that.

(Level: 23 (New))
Little bit of play-time in the last couple weeks, but not nearly enough. I’d dearly like to run the full V-day stuff with him and get the Toothbreaker badge. 🙂

(Level: 20 (New))
Ran through the first four Valentine’s Day missions (got the handsome badge, but how could he wear anything but “Geologist”? I ask yah…), then one more thing with Blue Ruin to ding 20 and get STAMINA LOVELY STAMINA — then did the new costume mission, which in turn dinged Ruin. Cool.
Good group for the V-day stuff — lots of fun with Austere around, laying ice on top of Pummy’s defense armors — very cool stuff… har har.
So… Stamina… which should help me keep my armors up. One more major armor to get before Granite… need another attack, somewhere… preferably two… I think there’s a nice area in there somewhere…
Hmm. Maybe I’ll have a move power before level… 30?
At any rate, I’m pleased with where he’s at — I like where he is on handling group aggro, and I’m jazzed about how we’ll feel around level 22 and SO’s.

Markov Chain
(Level 20 (NEW))
Doing a bunch of stuff with him tonight — cape mission, costume mission… valentine’s stuff, maybe… all of that good stuff.

(level: 19)
Just a few damn bars from 20…
… and a sewer full of CoT ghosts in the way.
Someone log on and do damage while I soak their ineffectual attacks, please?

Lucian Strange
(Level 18:)
Yet another guy who needs more time.

Bear Claws
(Level 11 (NEW))
Missed the HH gathering this week, due to a deadline thing, but I’m still managing to keep up with everyon.
Love this guy. Love the gameplay. Love the roleplay. Love the character. Love the supergroup. Love. Love. Love.

Major Haggis
(Level 5 (NEW))
One of the driving forces behind the evil nemesi– nemese– nemesises? (“What’s the plural of that?”) The Bad Guy Counterparts of the Hostess Heroes… DEVIL’S FOOD!


  1. Puck ? Grav/ff cont ? 48) Good RP and good game play. Did my first Hami raid with Puck?and 300k Hami debt that I am still trying to work off. So, half a pip to 49 with half of that being debt.
    I have a Hami-O that I really can?t use: a 50 ACC/End Redux/Defense debuff (at least I *think* it is a debuff. It is either a buff or a debuff). If there is anyone that can use that odd combo, let me know.
    Also, this was old home week, or so it seems. From out of the blue, she was contacted be Reese Riley and Star Breaker. Star Breaker because he seems to miss her, and Reese, because he misses the abuse.
    Zazi ? (Katana/SR scrp ? 36) No Game Play.
    Ciunas – (Dark/Dark scrp ? 22) No Game Play
    Dubh ? (Dark/Dark defender ? 21) No Game Play.
    Zot ? (Claw/Ninja ? 30 (new)) Lots of Game play and RP. Lots of good times with the V Day stuff, and got to partner up with Khaotica. Lot?s of fun. Also teaming with another Stalker again with mass murdering fun, has been a trip.
    Gasta ? (Dark/Therm Corr ? 19) Game play and some RP. Really close to 20. Like a mission away.
    19 ? (Merc/Traps MM ? 17) No Game play.
    Bane of Asgard ? (Dark/Fire Brute ? 9 (new)) Some Game play, no RP. Finally got him done with the Mercy Island Arc?s and moved him on to Port Oakes.
    Venenata ? (Plant/thorn Dom ? 15 (new)) Lots of game play, some RP. Mostly helping out Ravenous and Charity, as well as the V-Day stuff. Plus it was fun to make Dave Jealous of the fact that Vene gets XP from the folks killing each other with her mass confusion. Real close to 16.
    ?Venenata?when you need someone that can out aggro two tanks?
    Ring Ding ? (Broad/SR Scrap ? 11 (new)) Lots of fun?and was ?DUUuding? a whole 24 hours before some other sugar coated clown came a long. ;P So. Much. Damn. Fun.
    G S (AR/Dev blaster ? 13 (new)) I got her into the Sentinel Guard, and I am having fun with them. Did the Virtue VDay thing with her. Having to learn Blaster all over again?and I really do miss my controllery goodness. Once I get Damage slotted, she should be much easier to use. Half a level from a Travel Power.

  2. Also…
    The Blaster/Controller combo works well, but you really need to use all the tricks in your playbook to pull it off.
    With Puck/Kessa…one of us will eat floor once every four missions or so.
    Still not as good as a Controller/Controller Combo…but there you go.

  3. 1. Blasters are squishy aggro magnets.
    2. Controllers… also squishy aggro magnets.

    With the Ruluruu being big on the hold / immobilizes / stuns as well as the area attacks…

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