<3-day Swag

So I want to get through the Valentine’s Day content with someof my toons. This requires pairing up with folks from both sides of the tracks, so here’s who I can bring to the party:
Level 50 Damage
Level 50 Tank
Level 34 Scrapper
Level 32 Not-a-squid
Level 19 Tank
Another level 19 Tank
Level 19 Scrapper
Level 20 Corrupter, with a gun
Level 23 Brute (Anyone have ANY good guys on Virtue? I *might* have one)
Level 11 Stonerdude
Level 5 Brutish Haggis o’ Doom
((That sooper sekrit one that no one knows, who probably will have to whore himself out to a PUG to get it. 🙂 “Rrrover Heerrrrre….”))
Who’s still got stuff to get through.

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