“I prefer the term “gentleman adventurer.”

So I’ve been messing around with some Silver Age and Golden Age stylings…
Hype was… well, ugly, but yeah, he pretty much looks like a fire-guy from the 70’s.
Hang time is easy: go to the cape costume, flip on a few judicious SG colors, and drop the shades — I’m good.
Then I went to Bear Claws. I don’t know if I really got his swash buckled on straight, but I tell yah… I really like the final look, even if it’s not full-on vintage:
But… you see…
Folks, I did Strat up.
Dude looks like he should be swinging from a chandelier, or engaging in fisticuffs with a massive Nubian from the Dark Continent.

Give it up: mah boy looks GOOD 😉


  1. Later, I got Bear a cape, and it looks a little better… well, cheesier, but the right kind of cheese.
    Drop him into the HH SG colors? OH BABY! 🙂

  2. Put up the pic of Shrouded Spectre and Lady Freedom in their Silver Age-ey get up. Linky

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