Week in review

Let’s see: since last CoH post, I’ve made up a LOT of new guys — sort of playing around to see what I like.

Bear Claws (level… 19 new) got a new toy added onto his claw-gloves from the dudes in the lab that he temps at as a test subject; this new thing like… shoots a claw blade at a guy from, like, range. So cool. (And it is. I friggin’ love the “Focus” claws power — ranged, fast, with a damn near 100% chance of knockdown for a lovely bit of soft control. Awesome.)
Also, finally wrote up the Hostess Heroes Origin Story, and posted a pix of Cheesy Poof.

Gavin McIntyre (level 11) is working with his ‘cousins’ on Victory-server.

… Prince Aeric (level 8 Ice/Storm controller) is also working over on Victory Shard. I really really like this powerset. Alot. Alotalot. Much.

Kilcannon (level 5 Mind/Trick Arrows Controller) is a reformed Lost, defending the city through his hero registration with FOUND House.

Dolmen (level 7 and climbing, baby — Stone/Dark brute) has a sort of tribal magic feel. I’ve got this idea that he’s from some kind of tropical island with a lot of native magical power — sort of an Easter Island with dark gods — he was the young, talented “priest”. Recluse wants him working for “The Destiny” that he envisions, and is basically holding Dolmen’s homeland hostage.
But he’s not a noble hero; it’s not like the guy really cares — he just wants to do what Recluse wants so he can go home — these people aren’t HIS people, so it doesn’t matter what he does to them — he basically treats it like a war with an opposing tribe, where the opposing tribe is “Everyone.”
I like him. A lot. Also, Stone Brutes hit HAAAAARD.

Zero at the Bone (level 4 Ice/Energy Tank) was a PCPD officer who was horribly maimed during the Rikti invasion. Through excruciating and extensive cybernetic reconstruction (thanks to a city-funded effort from Crey), he came back better.
The name? Well, he’s not a dumb jock. 🙂

And that’s it.


  1. “Snake”, by Emily Dickenson
    Several of nature’s people
    I know, and they know me;
    I feel for them a transport
    Of cordiality;
    But never met this fellow,
    Attended or alone,
    Without a tighter breathing,
    And zero at the bone.
    I just… LOVE that phrase.

  2. Is it scary to anyone that I can ‘see’ Bear and Ring sitting in Bear’s mom’s basement tokin up and watching tv and having that conversation?

  3. Bear and Ring and Pie. Pie’s the one who says she’s going to register. 🙂
    And who hits really hard. 🙂

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