1. I know I was around for Issue 2, at least, since I recall Noelle getting killed by random floating eyeballs in Steel, I think. And I’m guessing, since my roomie was one of the early adopters, we were there for Issue 1, too.
    Wow. Now I feel old. Hand me my cane, will ya?

  2. I think I came in shortly before I3… I remember the onset of squids taking place not long after I got going.
    Sort of an interesting viewpoing. While I’m not as adamantly anti-PvP as some longtimers, it’s hard to argue that the Arenas were anything but a total bust. No mention is made of the “university” construction, though, which has turned out to be utterly without point. Hmm.

  3. Certainly the arenas haven’t turned out to be the big draw that the devs expected (based, mind you, on feedback from the players — “We want PvP!”). And the university stuff was for the skills system that the devs never figured out a way to make “fun”. So I’m willing to leave it as nice landmarks (for the universities) and civic boondoggles (for the arenas).

  4. I came in shortly after I3 — the Winter Lord stuff was just winding down (and my toons were too low level to exploit it). So, according to the article, I missed the “best of times” issue released.
    Meh. Some changes have irked me, but overall I’d say the game has continued to improve.

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