Excellent question

I did a book report back in high school on the Icewind Dale trilogy.
Yeah yeah, Drizz’t — sue me.
Anyway, the whole point of the paper I wrote (and by the end of the thing, it was well-and-truly a ‘paper’ and not a report) was the nature of race and role stereotyping and the affect that has on the individual.
My teacher gave me an A, and suggested that I was, perhaps, reading more meaning into the books than the author had really put there. I asked her how that was different than any other book that anyone had ever read, and she dropped it.
My point: Dave did something very similar here, and asks really good questions — digging past what’s right for the big Marvel story of the year (an outcry for the regulation of Superheroes) and asking the hardest question of all: what would be right in the really real world.
I have more to say, but I pretty much said it over there.

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