CoH summary

Due to messing around with retro costumes during my free time last week (ha!), I actually had pretty much everyone logged in at some point, recently. Let’s review:
Hang Time (50)
Planned on doing stuff with him yesterday. Didn’t quite happen.
Hyperthermian (50)
Working through an old Carnie arc with him — pretty much a waste of time, but at least it’ll be done. Also, respecced him, keeping all the powers he had, but rearranging them a bit so that he has Stamina, Acrobatics, and his first Ice Hold by level 30, so I can screw around in Siren’s Call more effectively.
Strategist (34)
Did a bunch of missions on him, solo. First time I’ve had him logged on in a looooong time. He’s still fun to play, and MA looks fun with the flared boots on his “flash gordon approaching” outfit. That is is all.
Epitaph (33 — new)
Holy hell — I actually played him, roleplayed him, got the Boomtown Saints into the Coalition, and ran some missions with him (with help, cuz the Crey Protectors own him).
Fun to play. Not the uber-AT, by any means (slow animations on the attacks are annoying), but fun to play.
Pummelcite (24 — new)
I friggin’ love this guy. BIG BOOM attacks, and now with Fault from the stone attack set to keep everyone flopping around… it’s just good smashing tank fun. Ran the respec trial, which was good, but while I really want to get teleport (or any move power), I just don’t want to give anything UP to get it.
Kethos (23)
Ran a couple missions. Good build. Not nearly as much ‘boom’ as Dolmen, to compare my other brute, but he’s pretty tough. Might need to dial down off the red/purple con missions.
Markov Chain (21)
Haven’t played him. This makes me sad.
Gilly (20)
Silly Gilly. If she weren’t my second oldest toon I’d remake her as an energy melee tank — I’m hamstringing the build by not taking footstomp.
Also… I just don’t play her that much.
Bear Claws (21)
Unlike Bear, who gets weekly lovin’. Love the build, and pretty much expecting to like it even more when I7 speeds up the animations on the attacks.
Dolmen (14)
Haven’t been able to play him in a week or so. Love the toon, though. Much boom.
Gavin (12)
Like Bear, Gavin benefits from having a commited amount of playtime, due to being in a group. I like dark melee, and I like regen, so it’s all good.
Aeric (8)
Every time I make up an Ice/Storm Controller, I love em. Then I don’t get time to play them. 😛
There are others, but that’s what I’m talking about right now.

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