i7 release notes.

Notes on I7 (currently on test). Grabbed from here.
Notes below:

Known Issues
7. Although characters now keep their Origin-based attack power past level 10, characters who have already lost the power by leveling up are not being given the power back. This is a bug and will be addressed in a later patch.

Really? We get to keep the little free power? Strat with a pulling power throwing knife? Cool!

New PvP Zone
? Recluse?s Victory ? new high level PvP zone, open to players level 40 and up.

… and I’m way more interested in this than I was two weeks ago…

New Base Items:

… basically a place to store Inspirations, Enhancements, Salvage… it’s all good. I like that we can put the SG logo around the base as well.

? Arch Villains/Heroes and Giant Monsters have been significantly boosted. They should now require more people in order for them to be defeated, especially at higher levels.

Good. 🙂

? Elite Bosses? hit points increased.

Good 🙂

? Modified PvE critter accuracy. Defense powers will now work equally well against critters, regardless if they have higher accuracy. For instance, your defense powers will work equally well against a Boss or any critter up to 5 levels higher than you, as it does for an equal level minion. Previously, a more accurate critter could circumvent much of your defense, but this will no longer happen. This change is designed to alleviate the disparity between Defense and Damage resistance powers (for instance, a player with super reflexes will now be more effective against a high level critter, boss or Arch villain). This change has no effect on a player who does not have any Defense. This change does not affect PvP.

Hell. Yes.
Hell yes.
Bubblers of CoH, rejoice. SR scrappers and Ice/ and Stone/ tankers… rejoice.
I literally cannot bear waiting for this.

? Super Reflexes Passive Defense abilities have been increased in effectiveness by 1/3rd.

… they are now worth 1 and 1/3rd percent. 😛
Actually… if they were five percent, base, before… that’s… what… 6.5% Whoo. 😛

? Defense will now apply to all Taunt powers in Player versus Player combat (Ranged, or AoE, where appropriate). This replaces the previous 50% chance to work. Players now have more control over how their taunt affects targets.

Because Taunt wasn’t useless enough. 😛

? Modified Gravity Control Hold, Immobilize and Slow visual f/x so they more accurately reflect the control f/x.

That will be cool to see.

? Reduced End costs on Claws high end powers.

Sweet. I don’t have them yet, but sweet.

? Confuse has had the delay after animation removed.

I’m sure someone will like that 🙂

? Current changes implemented to Defender, Controller and Mastermind Trick Arrow sets:

Kilcannon does the happy dance.

? The Claws Power sets for both Scrappers and Stalkers have new animations for the powers Swipe and Strike. The animation for Slash has been replaced with the old Strike animation in order to better match the cast, recharge and damage values.

Bear Claws does the *dirty* happy-place dance.

? All powers which have an Endurance Drain component will now drain a percentage of a PvE target?s Endurance, rather than a set number of Endurance Points. This fixes the issues created when enemies? Endurance Pools were increased.

That’s going to make some Kin and Electric-blast people really happy.

? Rebalanced Hurricane?s PvE repel effect. Its effectiveness should be equal to what it was before the last change.

Whee. 🙂

? Tanker, Scrapper and Brute Taunt powers will now accept Accuracy Enhancements. Note that these enhancements will have no effect in PvE, as the powers automatically hit PvE targets. The change is made strictly for PvP purposes.

*mutters darkly.*

? All exploration badges now give a small amount of XP when you find them (based on your level).

Okay… I would like that to be RETROACTIVE, please. Sheesh.

? Many new badges added to the game, and some new accolades.

Oooh. I want more information on these 🙂

? Spawns updated and adjusted in several city zones. Street encounters in lower level zones have more variety.

That sounds cool. I have bunch of lowbies out there right now, so that sounds cool.

? Tanker Inherent Gauntlet now works in PvP. Single target powers have a chance of Taunting the target hit, while Area of Effect powers have a much smaller chance of Taunting all targets in the radius.

Hell, I didn’t know Guantlet didn’t work in PvP… *mumbles some more*.

? For players with both City of Heroes and City of Villains access, Hero characters have access to all formerly Villain-only costume pieces.


? New Villain Strike Force ? The Future of Freedom
? In order to truly prove yourself the greatest of villains you must take on the greatest of heroes? Statesman! Villains who think they are up to the ultimate challenge should contact Lord Recluse directly in Grandville. Be warned ? many have tried to challenge Statesman, and most failed without even getting close to him. Until now, none have succeeded. Only a group of the very strongest villains should attempt this.

Oh son of a… It’s ON! I want a piece of that rat bast–ahh… HI, KIDS!

? Many new costume pieces are available.

Oh dear lord, we’ve lost Noelle…

New Power Sets
? Mastermind Primary ? Thugs
? Brute Primary ? Electric Melee
? Brute Secondary ? Electric Shields
? Stalker Primary ? Dark Melee
? Stalker Secondary ? Dark Armor

Very curious about the elec/elec Brute. 🙂

Patron Powers
? High level villains may complete a series of missions to gain favor with one of the faction leaders of Arachnos, gaining access to a new power pool. A villain may only have one patron during their career, so choose carefully.

Looks very very cool, and customized both by patron and by Archetype. Neat. Also… long.


  1. Task Force Commander accolade (presumably for having been on the default 6 TFs), gives +5% to HP and access to Shoulder Epaulets.
    Elec/Elec looks cool.
    Pistols on MM Thugs looks cool, and brawl with pistols out turns into a pistol whip. 🙂
    Mayhem Missions sound like SO. MUCH. Fun. 🙂

  2. Actually, adding costume slots sounds like a nice “quality of life” improvement they should consider.
    I’m not big on the PvP thang, as you know, but, frankly, I shouldn’t think Taunt should play much if any role in it. I mean, it’s one thing to cast other mezzes/controls, but Taunting is the one thing that the *player* can do (and the *other* player should respond to). I’d think.
    But, then, I’m not qualified to speak much on the subject, so … 🙂

  3. The problem is, Taunting (and the ability to soak damage) is what makes a Tank… a Tank. It is, not to put to fine a point on it, their contribution to the team: they pull aggro onto them, and then (hopefully) survive it until the bad guy drops.
    If they aren’t holding aggro and soaking insane amounts of damage, they simply pull duty as a (crappy) controller or a (crappy) scrapper.
    I mean: think of your tank. Think of working with your favorite teammate. Imagine that your teammate is pulling aggro, and you CAN’T HELP THEM, and you CAN’T DO ENOUGH DAMAGE to take out the baddie before your friend drops.
    That’s PVP for tanks: No one goes after a tank when there’s any better option, which leaves you running from fight to fight saying “hey! fight ME! Hey!”

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