Just screwing around…

… with, not coincidentally, nothing but melee characters.
Got Kethos to 24. Got Touch of Fear. Holy Emmert, that’s an awesome power. Having gotten that, I’ve found I can leave Keth on Relentless. I can’t wait to get this on Gavin (except I’m going to do exactly that — wait — level 20, where I can use his second costume slot for his ‘game face’).
Got Dolmen to 16 and picked up Dark Armor’s healing power. Great numbers, fast recycle time… and HUGE endurance cost. Damn. Got him to 17 and fiddled with slots to help that out some.
Pummelcite’s so much fun to play. And roleplay. I’m doing most of both of these things solo, but … well, there it is. Damn I wish he had a controller to play with.
Got Zero at the Bone to 8th level and picked up Cold Snap or Flash Freeze or whatever the heck the PBAoE bite-me aura is — it auto-hits and slows everyone’s move and attack rate. In fact, the damn thing cuts attack rates by HALF, unslotted. By HALF. Turn this on, and at a BARE MINIMUM, you are reducing incoming damage by HALF; it is effectively 50% damage reduction vs. melee. Oh. My. God.
Bear Claws has passed Markov Chain. That’s like Keanu Reeves (or, better, Jack Black, who would play BC in a HH movie) getting the Oscar nod over Ewan Mcgregor.
I finally found a stalker build that (mostly) doesn’t annoy me.
That is all.


  1. So..uhm…what level is Pummelcite these days? I happen to know a Grav/ff troller that just got his Singularity the other day…

  2. Pumm’s 28 and, frankly, isn’t any higher because I don’t want to embarrass anyone (including myself) by how fast he’d level if I played him as much as I want to.
    Me: Who should I log in?
    Subconscious: Pumm–
    Me: ASSUMING I don’t play Pummelcite again!
    Subconscious: *sigh* Fine…
    Hmm… isn’t Starrboy actually in the Knights? That would be ConVENient.

  3. Yeah, StarrBoy is in the Knights, and yeah, he finally hit 32nd. level…and it only took a year and a half to do it, too. ūüėõ

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