Test Server Hijinx

Logged into the Test Server last night for the little event thing they had going on — half to get a look at the new zones, and half to check out how a villain character would play at level 40.
Did up Kethos, rearranging powers based on stuff I’ve noticed in the last few weeks of play with him — rolled him out of the garage and ran a quick newspaper mission. Verah verah nice. Still required some endurance management stuff, even with stamina, due to the way I slotted things, but having -acc in everything and five-slotted Touch of Fear meant his health bar was a loverly shade of green.
Grandville is COOL-looking. I want someone with fly over there, so I can explore, cuz the thing goes straight. up.
Ran over to Recluse’s Victory for a bit. Came across a hero-scrapper with a big sword. Made him cry like a tubby kid who dropped his ice-cream on the sidewalk, then pounded on him until he finally got himself together enough to run — had him down to a third health in that time, and I was untouched.
Took a couple pillboxes for the baddies side — redlined a few times, but never dropped.
Things started to tip in the favor of the Villains pretty heavily, and the Freedom Phalanx sent in reinforcements.
Positron. No one else was around — just me and him and a pillbox he wanted control of.
I got about two hits in, screaming something like “THAT’S FOR THAT STINKING CoT MISSION IN THE FEMA BUILDING, YAH RAT BASTA–”
And then he dropped me. Hard. My dignity requires that I claim it took two shots.
DAMN… I tell you what, I am going to approach Arch-villains and/or Signature Heroes with a LOT of caution when i7 goes live.
Other than that? Lots of cool little improvements. Daddy like.

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  1. I think I’m going to go for a spin on Test again, but this time not in RV. I just can’t get into PvP gaming the way CoX does it. Mind you, maybe my lack of enjoyment came from rolling a Mastermind. *shrug* I’ll probably roll a flying Stalker just so I can get a good look around the place without immediate ganking…

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