The Family Dynamic

I keep thinking about doing a “super-family” Supergroup for CoH, along the lines of The First Family from Astro City… multiple generations… uncles, aunts… the people married to family members, the kids. All that lot.
I’d really like to do something like this, following the same basic practices that seem to be working so darn well with Hostess Heroes.
Then last night, it occured to me that it was also work to do a super-eeeeeevil-family. The two problem I see there is that, while potentially fun, it has to run a balancing act between too-dark-revenge-hate-dysfunctional-family, and the Addams Family.
I like the idea of a Fantastic Four-like shared origin, or common backgroun (all mutants), or just a generational ‘grandpa did it with gizmos, and now I do it, and thanks to my exposure to the radiation of Alpha Ceti Five, you’ll be doing it to, but without gizmos’ — where pretty much any sort of background can be mixed in.
I dunno. Thoughts?

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