Trials and Task Forces

I turned my Task Force List into an editable wiki page, so that folks can (if they choose) correct anything they see ‘off’ in the list, such as the level limits/caps or what have you.
I’ve also checked over my main guys on Champion and made note, for my own use, of which TFs they have and haven’t finished. Very odd gaps there…

This all came about in the post-Portal Smasher TF discussion last night, in which we started out by talking about when we might want to do the second Shard TF (Rudalak the Strong), and ended by discussing TF’s in general and which ones we’d like to get done.
Per the list below…

HT   Hype  Epitaph  Strat  Pumm
Burkholder's Bane                    X     X
Positron's Ally                      X     X       X              X
Synapse's Cohort                     X     X       X
Sister Psyche's Comrade              X     X
Citadel's Assistant                  X     X       X
Manticore's Associate                X     X       X       X
Numina's Compatriot                  X     X
Liberator (Eden)                     X     X
Transcendent                         X     X       X              X
Charmer (Hydra)                      X
Honorary Peacebringer (Moonfire)                   X
Portal Smasher (SS 1)                X     X
Sara Moore's TF (SS 2)                     X
Justin Augustine's TF (SS 3)               X
Faathim the Kind's TF (SS 4)
Katie Hannon (Cabalist/10x the Hero)                       X
Stalwart Medallion (TV Trial 1)      X     X       X       X      X
Statesman's Star (TV Trial 2)        X     X
Freedom Cross (TV Trial 3)

… there are a few things that really jump out at me:

  • It’s mind-blowing to me that neither Strat or Epitaph did the Hess TF (Burkholder’s Bane) when they were in range. More ironic, Pummelcite will probably be the next one who does do it.
  • Strat, in general, has done almost no TFs or Trials at all, but of three on his list, he’s done two of them twice.
  • I have no recollection whatsoever of doing the Citadel TF with Epitaph. None.
  • I’ve run Manticore (with its difficult starting group requirement, mediocre story (you accomplish pretty much nothing), and high levels of competing content in that level range) more than any other TF except the Sky Raider Terra Volta Trial. Hell, I went so far as to start a PuG to run it with Epitaph. That’s crazy.
  • I’ve actually run Moonfire with HT, Hype, AND Strat, but that was before they gave a badge for it, so if I want their badge, I need to do it again… three times. ūüôĀ Four times, if I want Pumm to get it (and he’s in the first bubble of the maximum ‘xp-earning’ level for it).

So… stuff I’d like to run?
Rudalak the Strong: preferably with HT, but I’ll take Hype if we’ve not got a tank. I’ve heard of this going really poorly for some folks — when I did with Hype, we rolled it.
Moonfire, Hess, and Katie Hannon: with Pummelcite, and soon.
Numina: with either Epitaph or Strat. This is probably my second favorite TF/Trial, after the Eden Trial. Lurve the Eden Trial.
Sewer Trial: Now that most everyone’s 50, I’d like to take a shot at the Sewer Trial with Hype. HT did it three times, but they code-blocked the ‘hold-spam win’ solution we used each of those times, which means it will be HHHHHHAAAAARD: maybe impossible? Maybe not. I’d really like to find out.


  1. Certainly interested in doing any or all of these with whomever I’ve got in level. PC did most of the standard TFs — though I’ve missed out on Moonfire, oddly enough, with any of the toons in range.
    Hmmmm. I should probably build a table like yours, at least for my “mains.”

  2. Still want to do Numina and the 4th Shadow Shard with Puck.

  3. Amazingly, and probably only because I have one main toon, all I need is the last three Shard TFs. Which I want to do soon. I got an itch now that we rocked the first one. But yeah, I think I have all the rest. Not worrying about the other heroes — Ginger isn’t taking any missions of her own that don’t have to do with clothing, and I’m more concerned with the RP of Sophie than missions.

  4. Avocet is missing only the sewer trial, but my lousy new work schedule means I’ll probably never be able to run with you guys in a TF (unless you guys all get some Monday holiday off and feel like doing it that day – hint hint).

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