CoH Character updates

Updates to my City Of Characters. A few brief highlights:
Pushed through last week and got him to 32, got Granite armor and respecced him to drop the vs.Energy armor and pick up Stone Skin and three-slotted swift. I love Granite Armor’s upsides — tanked the Kronos Titan for 30 minutes and didn’t die — don’t mind the slow-down to attack rate: it keeps the endurance consumption VERY manageable; but really hate the (lack of) movement speed with that and Rooted running. Need to get better at teleporting in mid-fight and taunting alot.
Granite is a GREAT team-tanking power, and decent for oh-crap moments when soloing, but because of the lowered mobility I’m really going to have to beg teams on on to give me a few seconds to pull the bad guys in tight, cuz if they’re all over the room it’s really going to be tough to cover everyone.
Still, I really really like how Pumm plays and how his powers have worked out. Very good guy to play when you want some good old fashioned ass-kicking.
Dinged 30. 2/3rds of the way to Stamina. Added like five more people to Devil’s Night, which makes me really happy. Tried to run the respec trial, but the AV at the end makes the thing friggin’ impossible right now.
Ran few mayhem missions, which have been surprisingly sucessful. Respecced to make him a bit more survivable, which seems to have actually worked. Dinged 23 and slotted a little more damage into his two main attacks — MUCH happier with the damage he’s doing. Shadowslip and Markov have been working really hard on tactics to increase survivability, and that seems to be working much better.
I *hate* Tsoo with Markov. Hhhhhhate. There’s just no frigging mez protection on a Corruptor, and unlike HT, Tsoo missions are really hard to simply avoid in the mid-20’s.