The guy who wrote PrimeTime Adventures (Matt Wilson) is working on a new game called Galactic!
The game takes place… let’s ballpark it and say 5000 years or so in the future — where a world of humans has discovered that they are the last survivors of a disaster, one that all but destroyed a great spacefaring civilization. Whatever happened was so catastrophic that the people of this lone surviving world — Caliban — were thrown into a state of technological savagery for generations. They had to rebuild and relearn, and in that time they forgot what had happened to them.
The truth became myth.
Then they returned to space to find an old galaxy waiting for them, full of secrets and dangers. Their ships explore the black, seeking the truth about the past they’ve forgotten — which has in no way forgotten them.
Everyone in the game plays the captain of a ship (pretty much anything from a tiny little scout ship to a battle cruiser), exploring the galaxy for their own personal reasons. In addition to your ‘main character’ (a captain), you also play a crew member onboard each of the ships of the captains being played by the other players. This isn’t an open ended kind of RPG — there is an end-game, and it is a big deal. Eventually, one of you — maybe a couple of you — are going to try to save the Galaxy. Maybe you will…
… or maybe you won’t, and humanity will be Doomed, and everyone at the table will be a little sad, because it’s sad when humanity is Doomed, usually.
It’s more Battlestar than Babylon 5. It’s more Firefly than Farscape. It loves Science Fiction alot, and likes Science… pretty well. It’s got The Drama, and The Funny, and resource management, and tactics. It’s a little bit like PrimeTime Adventures meets Cosmic Encounter.
I want to run this thing. I want to run it so so so very much.
Here’s what I’m looking for:

– 3 or 4 players. I’ll take five, if all five are absolutely ‘dude I have got to play this!’ If everyone read the rules, that would be hot.
– A regular play time. I’m shooting for weekly. I don’t care if it’s every Sunday afternoon or every Wednesday night, or if we have to figure out when we’re going to play next every time we get together, but I’m shooting for weekly.
– Players who are going to play the hell out of this game. This is a playtest, and playtests hurt, because the rules aren’t totally done, and they’ll change, but I think it’s going to be good.
– People who are willing to take some authorship responsibilities. This game is not set up with the same old “GM makes up the meta-plot and we just show up and shoot shit.” The meta-plot already THERE, and it is this: you’re ship captains who are eventually going to find the core of heroism in you that will lead you to trying to save the Galaxy. There. That’s it. But BEFORE all that, lots of stuff is going to happen, and EVERYONE is going to help it happen.
— Help create the Galaxy we’re going to be exploring. This is WORK… it might take… four or five minutes!
— Take part in creating every world anyone lands on — again, we’re talking about minutes of bone-crushing effort.
— Actively indicate the kinds of things you want YOUR captain to deal with each session. I don’t mean little ‘hints’ like “I want some combat next session,” I mean specific stuff like “I want to save the hostages.” What hostages? Doesn’t matter — that’s my problem as the GM, but by god there better be some frakkin’ hostages, dammit.
— Do what you can to bring some conflict to the other captains, by playing your crewmember in their group actively and giving them foils to work with.
— … while at the same time helping those other Captains look cool, as they will be doing for you.


  1. Man, that’s a nice pitch. Good luck with the playtest. Everybody sign up!

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