Game stuff, both in the recent past and upcoming:
CoX stuff — not a lot. Got Dolmen to 20. Ran a TF with Bear Claws. The end.
Running a one-shot face to face Freebooters game using The Shadow of Yesterday on Wednesday with (mostly) some Indie-RPG folks who happen to be from Denver. Should be a good time, though I’m stressing a bit (too much) about prep.
Playing Jubal Goodall, grizzled marshall, in a game of Dogs In The Vineyard being run online on Thursday nights. Last Thursday was Chargen, this week will probably be Accomplishments, and thus onward to the first town in the next week. Playing this on Foundry MUSH, using a DitV Dice/Conflict handler I’ve been tweaking the code on. Amazing what all I remember from the old Mushing days.
Running Heroquest Firefly on Friday with the usual suspects.
So… gaming stuff. Good stuff.