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“Release the Atomics!”

Some folks in Toronto are using Donjon to run some Space Opera, and recording the results on RandomWIki.
The game setup:

  • Rocketships have to look like ROCKETSHIPS, with sleek shapes, fins, sparklers sticking out their butts, etc.
  • Rayguns need to look like RAYGUNS
  • Flash Gordon-esque, but updates ala transhumanist stuff (Iain Banks) are also possible
  • Set in Solar System, with the caveat that every planet/moon in the solar system is not only inhabitable in some way, but also inhabited
  • Lots of planet hopping
  • First person who brings up a law of physics to say something can’t happen gets kicked out

That last rule makes me happy.

4 replies on ““Release the Atomics!””

That said, assuming you’re honoring ALL the rules, ‘going crazy’ with the last rule really shouldn’t be a bad thing — it’ll simply mean you’re really revving up inclusions that follow all those other guidelines, which simply reinforces the awesome.

Was that aimed at me?
But seriously, there’s a big difference between a Gordonesque universe and one largely based on ours with a few things added, like Firefly’s.
Bring on the Wing-Men, the Hot Rain, the Robin Hood Chic, the Orgasmatron! (Wait, I think the last one was from Barbarella.)

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