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Shadow Shard TF #4

What? Shadow Shard Task Force 4
Where? Shadow Shaaaard
When? This weekend, prolly eveninks
Why? We wants it, precious
How? cf. Hook, crook.
Who’s in(terested)?
(Note: War Bones is unavailable — we’ll need a tank.)

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“I’m game!”
(“So he shot her.”)
Sunday is significantly better than Saturday, which contains a plethora of birthday parties of various shapes and sizes and unknown schedules.

I posted something on the Alliance boards about finding a time to finish this up. To quote:
Got most of the way through the Foruth Shard TF last night, with Malcalypse, Psi-Clone, Amorpha, Puck Bunny, Sword, Hang Time, Noelle, and a very helpful tanker named Monstress. In the wee hours, as we were considering the next time to meet, to finish up, the following suggestions were raised:
[list]*This coming Tuesday, the 8th, around 8pm Eastern. In which case we’d probably be missing Monstress.
*This weekend, in which case, Hang Time and Noelle are unavailable.
*Next weekend, when we may lose Puck and Sword
Any other possibilites or thoughts?

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