Shadow Shard TF #4, Part Two!

I posted something on the Alliance boards about finding a time to finish this up. To quote:

Got most of the way through the Fourth Shard TF last night, with Malcalypse, Psi-Clone, Amorpha, Puck Bunny, Sword, Hang Time, Noelle, and a very helpful tanker named Monstress. In the wee hours, as we were considering the next time to meet, to finish up, the following suggestions were raised:
*This coming Tuesday, the 8th, around 8pm Eastern. In which case we’d probably be missing Monstress.
*This weekend, in which case, Hang Time and Noelle are unavailable.
*Next weekend, when we may lose Puck and Sword

Any other possibilites or thoughts?


  1. I’m pretty flexible across all those dates (particulars on “the weekend” matter). I’m a bit apprehensive about losing the Tank, given some comments I’ve heard, though one would hope that the Controllers in the gang could keep things somewhat locked down. I’d hate more to lose a couple of folks.
    It’s also not like I’m busy running around and doing a lot of stuff with PC, so I can remain in a holding pattern for a bit.

  2. I ‘spoke’ with Monstress (our tank)on Monday, early afternoon. Here is her available playtimes, per her words…”Any daytime before 4PM PST, or anytime Fri-Sun.” She also stated that she is not in a hurry, and that she can handle a couple weeks wait if needed because “It’s not like I play her that often, since she hit 50. I’m doing the villain game more, nowdays.”
    I am available late night EDT or sunday-monday..Except from the 17th-21st, I am out of town. And while I have access to a laptop, it would make pretty swirls of color and noise, did I try CoH on it.

  3. So here’s options 4 and 5, then, which both involve waiting.
    *Weekend of August 25th, by which I’d hope for Sunday
    *Or the following weekend, which is Labor Day, when some of us might be able to arrange a LAN party finale.
    I’m good with waiting, for much the same reason as others have said, and given my druthers, would rather go with Labor Day weekend than before, but either of those work very well for me!

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