Weekend in summary (more later)

There was actually a fair amount of game-type things going on this weekend. I will write a bit more about each individual element later (when I have my notes), but in the meantime here’s a quick summary posted mostly just to push the gaming calendar down the page a bit. (But isn’t it kinda neat that it’s there?)
Thursday: Played Paranoia for the first time evah, with a whole group of people I’d never really RP’d with before. Had. A. Friggin’. Blast. So funny. Very low-stress easy-learn rules and tons of Pure Funny pouring around. More later.
Saturday: During the Beach-House-Party the geeks from NYC commandeered the dining room table to play some Jungle Speed (first time for everyone but Keeley). While this is a great, fun game, it’s damned hard to play when you’ve had a corona or six two, so we switched to Pit, which was different fun, but still fun.
Monday: Played Cataan. My province was generally peaceful and agrarian, exploring for the sake of exploring and trading only insofar as was necessary to enable the simple lives to which my people had become accustomed. In short, we were simplistic but happy bumpkins who would no doubt have ended a ‘Protectorate’ of whoever actually *won*. I need to play this game more; it’s fun. Initial outlay for the basic game, plus the expansions, is a little prohibitive though. Ahh well.
… and that’s it. I’ll have more to say, later, about Paranoia, Jungle Speed, and Pit.


  1. Settlers of Cataan? I don’t have any of the expansions yet; should I?
    I love the game, but you’re right about the initial setup being a bit off-putting for casual play.

  2. I haven’t played Paranoia in years. I do recall it as a great game.
    What are you staring at, Red Level?

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