“A tremendous amount of work to look pretty much the same.”

I’m just saying… I know how those people who restore historical buildings feel.
Except… more blind.

13 Replies to ““A tremendous amount of work to look pretty much the same.””

  1. 1. The comments don’t remember who you are — that happens every time I use a vanilla MT-template — something’s fucked up in their code and it always takes me a while to figure it out.
    2. The font in the sidebars is probably too small.

  2. Eh. I know why I doesn’t work. I just can’t find the ‘fix it’ file. Later. Much much later.

  3. Also, it looked better when I had it set for 1000 pixel across, instead of 750. 🙁
    Of course… I wouldn’t be able to read it on my laptop without scrolling sideways, so that’s a problem. 😛

  4. Told ya!
    Dave agrees with me!
    Although this is nice, too.
    Aren’t we lovely and unappreciative of all your hard work?

  5. *singing*
    I like green, green is good!
    Green looks great and tastes like food!
    Wow, I must be really tired to think that this is funny. 🙂

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