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“Dilettante” -15pt disad

My RPG flaws… people talking about their personal/gaming flaws in RPG-expressed terms. Funny, and very very recognizable.

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Heh. I like it.
Distractable (10 pts) – Player must roll vs DC 10 to avoid picking up and reading any reading material within reach (incur additional +5 penalty if using a computer).
Passive (5 pts) – Player must roll vs DC 15 to intiate an action without direct GM prompt.
Weakness – Snacks (5 pts) – Player must roll vs DC 10 to avoid hoovering any salty snacks on the table; DC 15 for sweet snacks, cookies; DC 20 for M&Ms.
Doppelganger (5 pts) – Player only has 1d4-1 archetypical characters he creates and plays, including Warrior Loner with Heart of Gold; Pleasant and Ordinary-Seeming Support Character.

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