I totally stole this from Knife Fight

But I don’t care: it’s a really interesting question.
1) Name a roleplaying game character you can think like, outside of the game, like right now sitting at your computer. (If you can’t name such a character, say in the comments that you can’t, that’s more than okay — that’s really really interesting and valuable information.) Also, name the game.
2) Say a few words about how that character thinks, or how different it feels to think like that character, or something.
3) How much backstory did you create before you started playing that character?
I don’t have a hypothesis or agenda, I just want to know how you play. I honestly don’t know how many people I play with really socket into their character’s headspace that way — more to the point, I don’t know how many players I play with would like to. I have a sneaking suspicion that my ‘look at the wizard behind the curtain’ method of GMing might make that difficult at times, and frustratining.

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