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I enjoy games that have more story-focus than DnD… Don’t get me wrong: I like tactical games. I really do. I love DnD when that’s what i want to do; I wish I was in a regular Savage Worlds game, or something else with miniatures. Seriously. But I want some game going where the system acknowledges “my whole ‘thing’ is about X” and have the game system actually care about that. Not just the GM or the players, but the system.
PTA is the EXTREME version of that, where you’re pretty much all issue. I like PTA, but I feel like I’ve had… so far… more extended success with games like Heroquest and Sorcerer which are closer to a ‘normal’ game, but which still allow for those story elements.
I don’t know how much that matters, but I’m getting so damned frustrated with games that only make it two sessions and then crash for seven months, assuming they ever come back to life, and I’m trying to find the magic bullet game that (a) gives me what I want and (b) lasts a few sessions, cuz… dammit.
And I don’t think it’s the systems. I’ve had good long runs of newer games — I have to hope it’s largely circumstances and not just me fucking forgetting how to run a fun game.

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  1. Well, we’ll see if my game makes it to a second or third session, and that’ll prove whether it’s your “forgetting how to run a fun game” or not. 🙂
    No, seriously — I don’t think it’s you. I think it’s just the inertia of getting a particular combination of more than two people reliably together on a regular, at least somewhat frequent basis. Between travel and holidays and other plans and things that come up at the last second, it’s been nigh impossible.
    So I’m eager to play any of the things we have hanging fire — Donne & Donne, or Strange Allies, or Petrana, or IMbG.
    The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our RPG systems, but in ourselves, that we are just frelling busy …

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