Get ready for adventure!

Until we figure out what we’re going to call this floating pick-up pulp game, I’m not going to make a page for it on the wiki, and since Randy wanted me to write up the half-game we played last week, that means I’m doing it here. This is the ‘back cover blurb’ version…

(Starring D.L. Curtis, the two-fisted pilot; “Winnie” the spirit-channeling psychic; and Jane, the no-apologies soldier-girl!)
When we last left our hero, the trio had flown deep into the South American jungles, into a land of LOST WONDERS of the Cretaceous Age. There, they encountered FLYING BOATS piloted by the BRUTISH MINIONS of GORILLA KHAN. After a tough aerial gun battle, they discovered more of the hirsute henchmen working at some nefarious scheme involving a GLOWING PORTAL in the center of the LOST PLATEAU OF TEYUWASU.
Overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of fierce flying soldiers swarming in the skies over the portal the trio retreated, landing their plane along the shadowy waterways of the primal jungle to formulate a plan…
((There was other stuff leading up to this involving some Russians and interference from from British military officers, but again, this is the back cover blurb, and flying gorillas are cooler.))


  1. Mentioned in passing:
    Lord Greystoke is a member of the Century Club who claims there are talking apes somewhere in Africa. No, nobody at the Club calls him ‘Tarzan’ or has seen him in a loincloth.
    Prof. Challenger’s (a Club member) ‘Lost World’ expedition happened, only a few got out alive, most members were skeptical about the dinosaurs.
    The Bolshies had at least one ‘compass’ that points straight at the Lost World plateau. Now Winnie has it. The Bolshies flying to the plateau seem to have come to grief.
    Some apes were seen to be riding triceratops…es. Triceratopsi?

  2. For the pick-up game organizing on Sunday: Pulpy Goodness.

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