Week in Review

Hmm. Let’s see what was going on.
In general
I haven’t been feeling very well. I haven’t been sleeping well or enough.
Syncerus is about half a level away from the level-cap, so that’ll happen pretty quick; this week, I’d think. It has taken me about 240 hours less playtime to get him to this point than it did on Grezzk. Given how much time I spend playing, that works out to getting him to 70 roughly three months faster.
And what then? Well, I’ve been amassing a lot of “requires level 70” gear for Syn, so when he dings I should be able to step into some fairly significant upgrades.
For healing, I’m already wearing the about a quarter of the stuff that I’ll take into end-game. I have a lot of the rest waiting in the bank — when 70 hits I should be doing VERY well on the stats I need. I’m actually ALREADY at the ‘ready for raiding’ level on my mana and mana regen rates — I need a bit more health (should come with the gear) and a bit more bonus to healing (ditto) for the entry-level raids… more than that to really walk in with the big boys to the big raids.
For tanking, I don’t have quite as much of the gear I need, though oddly, what I *do* have is for all the slots I haven’t been able to fill in as a healer — weird luck there.
So what do I want to do?
I’ve REALLY enjoyed healing in pvp battlegrounds — I know pvp well enough to know when my healing has turned the tide of a fight, and lemme tell you, that happens a LOT — having that kind of influence on a fight is really cool. Plus, it’s good practice — after pvp, healing a five-man dungeon run is a piece of cake.
Tanking… is just that. Tanking. I’ve done that a lot (and I get a good “sword and board” tanking ‘fix’ with Geiri on LotRO), so that’s all fine, but it’s not new. Healing is new — it’s more than a new area in WoW, it’s like playing an entirely new game. That said, I *do* have decent tanking skills, even in WoW, and I’ve tanked a fair amount of stuff in the end-game. Plus, as tanks are more in demand than healers (barely), being willing to tank kind of ensures I can get a group for whatever I need. As a bonus, if I get a tell like “we can take you if you can heal/dps — we already have a tank”, i can do that to.
I dunno. I like healing. We’ll see when I hit 70, I guess. I’m out of ‘rested’ xp bonus right now, so that might take a few days to do. In the meantime, i’m going to hit Battlegrounds for more honor — the battlemasters have a belt (and bear-form shoulderguards) I want…
Man I like playing this guy.
For the content my guild is doing (Working on Kaelthas in tier 5, hitting Mount Hyjal), there is very little stuff I can upgrade on Grezzk until the new expansion comes out. Syn is the main reason I log in right now — I just run Grez for a little bit each night to earn gold.
I can’t get LotRO to run reliably on my (old, tired) desktop right now, and I didn’t have a (either) LotRO-capable laptop home with me this weekend, so I haven’t played.
The game day for Sunday was called due to lack of interest. Next weekend I’ll miss the Colorado Springs one cuz I’ll be at a company picnic up in the mountains (tries to make an excited face).
Looking forward to (a) the DnD game, where the group is about to hit an encounter that has caused a lot of other groups to wipe, and (b) playing some more In a Wicked Age with Lee and De.

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