I’ve come up with a new Template for Random Average

Not a template in the wordpress sense, but one that can be used when posting about new games. I’ve included the current draft below.

I just got the [PDF/Ashcan/Print Edition] of the [Story-Games Summary Post/Pre-alpha/Alpha/Beta/2nd Beta/Final Edition/2nd Edition] of [GAMENAME], and I have to say it rocks. Seriously, it’s probably the best thing since [sliced bread/4.0/Dogs in the Vineyard/[LAST FUN GAME PLAYED]], and I’d highly suggest [clicking the link to read it/downloading it/ordering it from IPR/bumming a copy off me, since I bought two extra copies, it’s THAT awesome].

I’ll admit, I’m not really into [furries/BSG slashfic/bronze-era epistemological romance/DnD], but this game really scratches an itch, and I’d like to play it [now/this weekend/whenever we get together next, which probably means [there will be a new version of the game/English will be a dead language] by then, but that’s okay!] Let me know if your interested [in the comments/in response to the email i will invariably send out anyway].

I know we’ve already scheduled something for that game I was raving about [yesterday/last week/last month/in my earlier post today] (whatever the name of it was), but I think I’d rather drop that and do this.

And don’t worry about picking up new gear for the game – I know the randomizer for the conflict system is a bit odd so I’ll provide the [dice/fudge dice/poker deck/pinochle deck/Tarot deck/sheep entrails] for anyone who doesn’t already have their own.

So excited!

Whatcha think?


  1. Wow, that sounds really [cool/interesting/like this other game you were raving about last September]. I’d like to play it this [weekend/month/year/lifetime], but, alas, I’m [away on business/doing something with the family/booked up until this September/probably going to reserve a slot in the game and then have to cancel out at the last second because of some pre-empting event I forgot to put on my calendard]. But maybe next [time/life/Michaelmas]. [*Sigh*/Poop./Dagnabbit.]

  2. Doyce, noticed you haven’t been blogging [in a while/since Michaelmas/even about that new Fred Hicks release]. I understand that you [are writing a novel/have a toddler/have a new bride/prefer Twitter to blogging], but, [jeez/crikey/zoiks], it’s August already. At least write something about [4.5e/WoW the RPG/teaching the kid “In a Wicked Age”/that new “Watchmen in the Vinyard” variant].

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