(LotRO) Salves are Evil and Worthy Only of Disdain

Heh. Got your attention?

I actually have a two a few other posts I plan to write today, but I wanted to quickly address a theme I saw in the (fantastic and insightful) replies to the last post. The suggestion was to bring along Disease, Wound, Poison, and Fear salves as well as the potions for same.

I’m afraid I’ll have to respectfully disagree.

I will do you the courtesy of telling you why I hate salves, though:

  • Crappy to nonexistent range. This is not a huge deal, and it makes sense, but it still sucks to have to run up to whoever you’re trying to sa(l)ve and crawl into their pocketses while you should probably be doing something else.
  • They share a cool-down with your wound pots.[1] This is the main reason that salves fall so far down into the Vendor Trash category that I delete them while soloing to make room for more perfect bat wings in my bag.

So, yeah: it’s nice in theory to say “bring salves to help your buddy”, but if you use a salve to remove a killer wound/fear/disease/poison from someone else, and then CAN’T remove that same killer effect off yourself ten seconds later because all those pots are on cooldown, you’re just trading one dead fellowship member (them) for a different one (you).

And to be honest? I’d RATHER keep you alive, because you’re the person who remembered to bring all the supplies to the raid.

[1] — I know the salves used to have their own cooldown, back in hoary old pre-historic times — seriously, I think it changed during the same book the Rift came out — and if they were ever changed back to that, I’d be ALL OVER bringing salves to raids. As it is? No. Vendor Trash. Moria goat food. Junk em.