Life in a Wormhole: Things that are Harder than Fighting #eveonline

I log in the next morning to find most of our pilots mobilizing for some kind of major operation.

Their plan is hazy, but their enthusiasm is clear.

After a few minutes, I’m able to sort out what’s going on — PanDemic (a member of Cabbage’s corp who’s handling all the actual assembly aspects of The Rorqual Project) needs ore, and we’re suiting up three Orca-class industrial command ship to get through our lowsec exit, into high security space, and on to a major trade hub to pick up everything the big ships can carry.

Berke, Ichi, and Pan himself head out into the world and make the the round trip largely without incident (thanks to diligently paranoid bodyguard details commanded by Em). Berke is even able to bring CB’s shiny new Cheetah and Hound Cov-ops frigate hulls back in with him in anticipation of CB completing that training in a few weeks.

Once the run is complete, we collapse all the connections leading to our system and the fleet reforms into a serious mining operation designed to strip our current asteroid belts right down to their rocky bones.

I won’t lie to you Marge; I’m not much of a miner, but I can respect serious organization, and with six pilots in the field, with Gor sitting in his Orca providing perfect mining foreman boosts to the whole endeavor, not even Ty in his Mammoth (which can carry off an entire twenty-seven thousand cubic meter canister of ore per trip) can keep up — I never stop moving, never stop selecting targets, and can really never take my eyes off the screen… and it’s not enough.

Thankfully, Bre and Shan show up and also get into hauling ships to help me get caught up, and after two hours of hauling, we have filled two hangars at the Walrus tower to the brim with rocky goodness, and leave the asteroid belt to stagger away on shaky legs and find a good place to die with dignity. Job’s a good’un, and I head out for some errand running, glad to have been able to contribute to the operation.

Honestly, as busy as I was, I feel like I’ve been fighting non-stop, and I’m glad to have a break. Who knew these miners were so hard-core?

The rest of my day is packed with weekend activities, but I have a minute later in the evening to check my EvEMail, and I log in to see this:

Great job on the all-day mining ops! Thanks to Gor for staying logged in the whole time, and thanks to everyone else for the mining jihad. The rocks never stood a chance.

All day? What did I miss?

An email explains:

Less than two weeks ago, we decided to try to get together the resources and ISK necessary to build a Rorqual.

I’m happy to say that, after today’s mining ops, we have cleared our goal. There’s a lot more to do, but as of right now, the Rorqual is paid for. I’m just blown away by what we’ve been able to accomplish in so short a time. Great job, everyone.




  1. It’s great to hear the Rorqual project has been not only approved but it’s already a-go.

    I would be proud to put my strip miners to such a task. ehhh ehh…. 8)

  2. Congrats on the work, it’s a hard road to take, but it pays off a ton in the long run! Once you get a Rorq built, there’s nothing hard you can make in a wormhole.

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