Life in a Wormhole: If You Open a Door, Something May Walk Through #eveonline

Cabbage reports that we have an additional wormhole in our system, beyond the two that we always have. Entrance number three is an inbound connection from another class two system. I poke around a bit, but things look quiet. A bit of scanning helps me put things in context. Like our own system, our visitor’s home has two persistent wormhole connections: in our case, it a connection to low security known space and one to class two wormhole space; in their case, it’s a connection to class-two wormhole space… and a static connection to null sec.

Some wormholes are harder to get out of than others.

I’d be guessing, but my suspicion is the capsuleers were simply looking for a better connection to known space than their own, perhaps to grab some fuel, since it doesn’t look as though they actually *do* very much in their system — Sleeper anomalies are cleared out, but there is a wealth of more rare signatures cluttering up the sky.

We’re a little short on time, but Cab and I decide to take advantage of the open connection to make a little profit, and in less than an hour clear about 100 million isk (MIsk? MIskies?) out of their hole.

“They opened the connection,” Cabbage comments, “they should have figured we’d use it.”

Hard logic to argue with, and I don’t have much time to do so, anyway, as it’s time to get going. Just as I’m logging off, however, Pax is logging in and getting an update from Cabbage.

“People flying haulers through our system, eh?” Pax muses. “You don’t say…”

I expect there will be a story to hear when I get back, and I have to say I envy him — the money’s nice, but it’s been a long while since we’ve had a good tussle with anyone, and I for one am starting to miss it.