Life in a Wormhole: Caw Caw Bang #eveonline

The good news: I can log in!

The bad news: The next two days are a frustration of angry evemails about the C6 ‘siege’ where nothing seems to be happening. The corp in the c6 abruptly joins an alliance for some assistance and protection, and the folks in that alliance… do not impress. Between guys who won’t give me a bookmark so I can come back in and help, and other guys who mock me for not having a carrier alt logged out in the wormhole, I am more than a little bit done with all that idiocy. Since I have no ships stored in the c6, and little to no gear, I simply drop my roles and permissions in the corp and start my 24 hour timer leading to my quiet departure.

Meanwhile, stuff is happening back in the C2. It seems as though…

Hmm. I’ll let Bre tell it.

So CB is bringing in a ship to hit our c4 sleepers and as he jumps back out in his pod to get his cheetah, reports a nemesis on the hole.

I reship into my crow and go orbit the hole but no one will fight me.

Then a Thorax warps in, drops light drones, and the Nemesis uncloaks.

I kind of fixate on the drones and kill them instead of the Nemesis. Four of them die (tech 2s) and the ‘rax pulls the last one. The Nem warps off as I turn back on him (I should have just shot him — the drones couldn’t catch me), and the ‘rax follows suit. Boo.

Anyway I orbit for awhile, knowing they’re going to come back in with something better for killing me, and eventually they do. Yay.

A Wolf lands on the hole, but his shields are terrible and I put him into quarter-armor in about 10 seconds and he jumps out into highsec just as a Drake and Nighthawk land. I’m prepared to ignore their damage like I did with the last couple bomber fights, but somehow they REALLY hurt, so I tear ass for the wormhole and get out in half armor, then repair and warp back up to the hole.

I jump back in, and now they have a Broadsword, Nighthawk, and Drake.

I decloak, light my MWD and align to the tower. The broadsword puts his bubble up, but my MWD is overheated, and with the system’s bonus to overheating I’m 130 km away by the time any of them even yellowbox me.

I forgot about the added damage from overheating, though. OUCH.

So get back to the tower and try to find some nanite paste. There’s none in any of the folders anywhere. Crap.

So I try my drake. Nope. My buzzard. Nope. My Raven? No. Ty’s Gila? YES! Finally! Why does he have paste in his PvE Gila? WHO CARES!

I know all that ship swapping has looked pretty silly on their scanners, and I know they’re watching, so…

[17:31:41] Bre > A ha! Nanite repair paste. I knew there was some in here somewhere…
[17:31:52] Matt0 > we did wonder wtf you were doing 🙂
[17:32:05] Bre > I sometimes forget where we leave things 🙂
[17:32:08] Bre > my next move was going to be trading you replacement drones for some paste 🙂
[17:32:15] Larad > hehe
[17:32:26] Ikas > Lets just call it quits and be friends.. lol.
[17:32:34] Matt0 > and go kill the fuckers next door in that cloaky loki
[17:32:37] Bre > works for me. We have so many holes coming in here today it’s like trying to direct traffic.
[17:33:09] Matt0 > yeah, you’ve got 2 c4’s coming in, nightmare
[17:33:30] Matt0 > ps.. I hate ceptors 🙂
[17:33:39] Bre > I kinda love em 🙂
[17:33:55] Ikas > I can see why 🙂
[17:34:31] Larad > if only I had loaded precision missiles too rather then being an idiot
[17:35:06] Bre > I’m was surprised by how much the drake and nighhawk hurt! the bombers usually can’t even hit me, so I got lazy.
[17:35:46] Bre > I should have gone after the bomber, but the drones made me nervous. no one had ever tried em on me before 🙂
[17:35:47] Matt0 > dont think the drake used them, these precision missiles are a bitch if you get in range though
[17:36:05] Bre > well, one of you guys lit me up pretty well 🙂
[17:36:41] Matt0 > ahh, well, retiring for a bit now. laters o/
[17:36:55] Bre > later. good luck with the loki

And that was the afternoon. I love this game.

So say we all.

Just as the evening is wrapping up, one of the guys from the C6 corp (the only one who hasn’t been a complete pain in the ass) asks if I’ve been keeping up on the conversation in their Intel Channel.

I explain, politely, that since I’ve dropped roles and will be leaving the corp in (checks watch) 21 hours, I thought it best for everyone if I left their intel channel.

His response: “Oh.”

CB’s comment:


  1. Yeah. Bonus for overheating, but also bonus to heat damage.

    And a bonus to smartbomb range, which I mention in passing when talking about the Raven fitting.

    All in all, a weird little system.

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