Life in Eve: A Quick Thought on the Mate War #eveonline

My Internet is out, so I’m writing this on my phone and don’t have the time, patience, or keyboard to write out a long explanation of “the Mate War” going on in Eve right now. This post explains it sufficiently and briefly.

The tl;Dr version is that one guy, already on the defensive for screwing up, chose to change the subject during his dressing down by claiming that being called ‘mate’ was a comment on his sexuality, and declared war on a well-liked Alliance in game. This has backfired on him a bit.

Don’t get me wrong: parts of the situation are very funny.

Here’s what I don’t think is funny.

He’s (of course) being roundly mocked for misinterpreting ‘mate’ and declaring war over it.

But no one questions the idea that he’s doing it because someone implied he was gay. People snicker and say ‘no one called you gay, dude.’ No one’s saying ‘so what if they did?’

How is it that being called gay is worth wardeccing over in the the first place? What kind of sorry, 1980s high school locker room are we in, that none of us even question that?


  1. Every time I see a post like this, it makes me want to run out and join that person’s alliance. Seriously, you and Corelin are just about the only people I ever see posting things like this.

  2. I decided to stop underestimating human stupidity. Most especially redneck American stupidity, because who else in the world would think being called “mate” is being called gay? The fact that people still consider calling someone gay to be an insult at this point in time is just laughable. What tops the whole thing off is that this guy wasn’t even being called gay, he’s just so stupid that he mistook a British slang word for friend for an insult. That’s some powerful stupid. This guy should not be breeding.

  3. Hey, I’m half white-trailer-trash and half redneck (mom still lives in a trailer park and dad’s family is all farmers) and I would NEVER confuse the fact that mate=gay. This was a weak-assed attempt at deflecting an ass-chewing for screwing up. I agree with Doyce. This guy isn’t just an idiot, he’s a maroon! (thing Bugs Bunny) He made a conscious choice to be pissed that he “MIGHT” be thought of as gay to deflect the criticism of his screw-up. That’s what the issue should be about.

    And either way, it’s a worthy excuse to blow the crap out of NC. ships 😀

    (after reviewing my post, I came to realization… I like hyphens! 😀 )

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