Went to Comic Con San Diego

… and got to play some Atomic Robo(!) 

…With my daughter.

…With her playing as my daughter.

…using a character with easily-compelled "I can take care of myself!" aspect.

Life imitates art imitates life imitates game session.

#gaming #fate #kaylee #sdcc


  1. Hey, I stopped by a few times to check things out. The tabletop room was always full, which was good to see.

  2. Huh. I did see that set up, but I don't know if I noticed you there. 'Course, I wasn't there long, and it was pretty chaotic, so who knows.

  3. I believe it will be. The whole thing was organized by Thursday Knights. They were livestreaming via Twitch early in the game, but the cellular bandwidth went kaput once people started arriving at the con en masse, so I think they just recorded it and will release it as a video.

    Oh yeah. There's video. You can watch me remind me daughter not to poke the microphone about fifty times.

  4. It was way fun having you guys at our table! "My rocket, my rules" will likely live on as a meme at our sessions for a long time. Too perfect.

    And yes, the full video will be up on our YouTube channel once I get it all processed. I am currently about 30 google searches deep on how to deal with this wacky audio/video sample rate mismatch issue that all of our SDCC recordings have!

  5. Most Excellent! I can't wait to watch/listen. I didn't know about the +Thursday Knights

    Thanks for the lead!

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