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  1. Quick Summary of Episode 6, from ***Dave.

    The Battle of Tuskan Fort continues!

    The Bad Guys Strike Back! The three bounty hunters remaining behind the burning airspeeder head for the hanger instead. Kelvin tries to herd them — with fire — to be in the firing arc of one of the Z95s [aspect "Right Where I Want Them"]. Jada, the lead BH who took fire from Aral last time, drops out of sight and does Clever stuff to clear her jet boots. The bounty hunters at the gate charge in and attack Shrike, who takes a big hit and scrambles back. The hunters in the remaining, flying airspeeder prepare to defend …

    … and 'Akana blows them into flinders. Then blows up the flinders.

    Aral tags one of the gate attackers from the rooftop. And Backup maneuvers to get a good angle on Jada ["In my sights" advantage]. Meanwhile, Elir's opponent, the betraying pirate Quist, has taken some damage from his hijacked cybernetic hand — which then grabs onto his own leg, hobbling him [double invoke of "Hey, have you ever played Twister?"].

    Backup takes the shot on Jada "in my sights," a clean head shot, blowing her helmet clear off. She is revealed as a dark-skinned woman, hair in tight braids, ritual scarification — and she ducks out of sight again.

    The courtyard bounty hunters split fire to Shrike and Aral, but both are under cover. The guys in the hanger shoot at Kelvin. Jada drops a massive smoke charge that fills the courtyard, like a pool, up to the level of the hanger rooftop where Adar and Aral are [double-invoke advantage of "Hidden by Smoke"], then we can hear her jet boots firing.

    Jungan opens up with a mini-gun to sweep where he thinks they the bad guys are, tagging some of his opponents. 'Akana does a touch-and-go landing in the courtyard with her modified Z95, completely blowing out the smoke. Kelvin gets into one of the ships, and intimidates the bounty hunters in the hanger to surrender. They hastily do so.

    Elir tries to spot Jada on the security cams, but can't, Jada having fled under cover [stunt to exit the scene]. Aral demands the remaining bounty hunters in the courtyard surrender [Flashy] and they can't throw their guns down fast enough.

    The team start planning with Adar on how to get offplanet before the Empire arrives. 'Akana wants to take one of the modified ships, but since it doesn't really make sense for the voyage, they convince Adar to destroy the ones there. Cross-cut to our heroes zipping away, the compound exploding in the background.

    The surviving bounty hunters are dropped off with their buddies mid-desert. Adar wants Quist to come with them — he has a bone to pick (or break) with the pirate. They stop at the oasis to pick up Dekko and Reen. What to do with young Reen? Don't want to take her with us, but Aral hates to leave her just … there. They decide to leave her with Tebbi (the Lupin), who needs help with the shop.

    (Meanwhile … the Relentless tears through hyperspace, as the captain takes a call from Darth Vader, who has had a very bad end-of-Rebelsseason-two day, and makes it clear the captain had best not fail him with Adar.)

    Mos Eisley spaceport … Tebbi's place, with Dekko and Reen. Agent Dana volunteers to help Tebbi with intel gathering. Aral makes sure Reen is taken care of. With a hooded Adar they travel to the spaceport, Quist under a covert gun cover.

    At the spaceport, the militia is milling around ineffectually. A delayed email is left for the portmaster about the bounty hunters in the desert. They get to their ship's hanger and someone is standing there in a desert poncho and robe, looking at the ship … and … hearing the team, turns to attack … Adar! It's an assassin droid – XEG-11. Adar takes a [stress] hit from its snap shot.

    Backup taunts the droid, making him Angry and Under Fire [creating a two-invoke compel to fire on Backup]. Adar finds a tipped over customs table [creates advantage]. Kelvin goes for cover and takes a shot Quickly, using his Well-Maintained blaster and Ekes Out a hit, shooting him in the motivator.

    Aral Flashily attacks, "You dastard!" [2 pt stress, 6 pt severe consequence "The meat bag blew off my arm"]. Elir tries to follow up with a shot, but doesn't have any success. 'Akana also fires at him, blowing away the cover he was going for.

    Backup shouts for everyone to get to the ship, and tries drive the droid over to the engine exhaust arc. Everyone boards, 'Akana fires up the engine … and they get out of Dodge Mos Eisley.

    It's going to be a crowded trip, as they've added Adar, his wife, Quist, and Mark.

    TIE fighters are approaching the planet, with the Relentless having dropped out of hyperpace at the edge of the system. 'Akana … makes the jump to lightspeed!

    They fly through various systems, making contact with various contacts, and eventually rendezvous with Rebellion ships, turning over the passengers (except Mark). Adar is grateful. And the team gets their orders to go on and bring the food supplies (remember the food supplies) to a Reblellion mobile base …

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