Slept bad last night

Here's my brain today:

"You should finish that story."

"But I don't want to write uaaaaaagh too harrrrrrrd. I just want to do game-related thinking."

"Good timing: you have a game to run tonight."

"… Uaaaaaaaaaaaagh."


  1. We did 50% of the work by coming up with a plan, yeah? All you have to do is throw monkey wrenches into that plan at logical points. The hard work of solving those problems is then on us.

  2. Do what I do, give the playerss loads of money and tell them they can buy anything in the book. Then sit back for an hour while they get to discussing how to spend it. Its best if you tell them the group gets a bunch of money, rather than just one person.

    Not that I would ever be so underhanded and manipulative to cover my lack of prep. No sir, I am always prepared and sound of mind. I would never do that.

  3. +Jacob Possin
    I GM'd a seven hour shopping session one time, in college.

    By the end of it, the group had purchased a warehouse, refit the second floor offices into apartments, added indoor plumbing and a magically-heated hot tub, and employed a fair number of local urchins as external security. One of them mapped the whole thing isometrically, in-session.

    It all started when one of them said "I need some better armor."

  4. We're actually culminating a 'heist' scenario in our Star Wars game tonight, for which all the prep and planning has already taken place, so really it's just about the monkeywrenches, at this point (as Bill said).

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