Slapped together a mix of World of Dungeons and my Star Wars World: Rebel Ops hack to play with my kids

Lucky isn't a real stat – it's a non-replenishable resource that gives you an auto success. The five stats should total +3 or so. Having a skill means you can't totally fail that thing. I'm still working out what all the special abilities do, especially "Force is with Me", which isn't automatic for anyone, even Jedi.

And… that's about it. PCs have six hit points, and damage from weapons is a static 1 to 4-ish.



  1. I love it!

    Maybe special abilities can do anything in the narrative that the players think they can (that makes sense within the source material). And if they roll, they can upgrade a result by one level?

  2. Sounds good to me! I'm playing pretty fast and loose with the game, since (1) I cobbled the sheet together in 20 minutes yesterday and (b) I'm playing with an 11 year old, six year old, and a part-time-playing 3.5 year old.

    The game went really well, though! The team (a twi'lek jedi, bounty hunter, and noble with technical training) were sent to a remote world in the Outer Rim to investigate the rumors of an old Jedi shrine, hoping to find some larger Khyber crystals to investigate to figure out why the Empire is grabbing so many (this is sort of Rebels-era setting).

    They landed on the planet, getting the ship beat up by a lightning storm in the process, ran into a native slime-goo creature the size of a car, made it to the shrine, and from there I basically converted a Hero Kids module named Tomb of the Lost King, on the fly. Skeletons became ancient, semi-malfunctioning combat droids, and the ghost of the old king turned into a jedi force ghost. Everyone got beat up pretty good, but they made it out with five fist-sized Khybers and big bragging rights.

    Then my six year old demanded a 'next week on…' preview for the next game, because it felt (to him) just like a Rebels episode. High praise!

  3. The old droids worked well, because I'd say something like "there are eight alcoves, and when you trip the defenses, they step out…

    … and then I'd flip to the next page and see "with only three heroes, use six opponents"…

    … and I'd continue "but one of the droids makes that sad failing droid "rrrrrr rr rrr rrrrrrrrrnnnnn" sound and falls over" – it was a great way to remind them that the place was olllld.

  4. The kids love hacking the figs to reflect the abilities they wanted their guys to have. After the first encounter, my six year old grabbed a couple figs, did some yanking and shoving, and slapped down his bounty hunter with a new jetpack.

    After which point he spent more time trying to charge people with the jetpack rather than actually shoot, but whatever. Jetpack droid bowling is a thing, now.

  5. You're gonna wanna check out World of Dungeons Turbo: Breakers, as well as Scum & Villainy (which is an off shoot of Blades in the Dark).

  6. I love this! Creative and adorable =)

    Curious though – how do the Cool and Suave stats differ from each other? Is Cool more about staying calm under pressure, and Suave more about social stuff?

  7. +Linda Larsson? that's exactly it! In any case, it only really matters to me, since the kids weren't looking at their sheets.

    The first time we played, it was really off the cuff; I just had them add 2 to their roles when it was something they were good at, add nothing if it were something they weren't particularly notable at, and subtract 1 or 2 from anything they would be notably bad at.

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