RPGaDay 5: Which RPG cover best captures the spirit of the game?

This one's a bit easy for me: Tales from the Loop.

It's entirely possible this answer is chicken-egg cheating, since Tales from the Loop started life as an art book before it was an RPG, but regardless, the cover's a perfect match for what the game's about.

As an added bonus, it's a solid game that'd I'd really like to get to the table. (I heard it's the same system as Mutant Year Zero, but I haven't read that – the basic mechanics are very close to Blades in the Dark, and it leans hard in the direction of pbta-style conflict resolution.)


Tales from the Loop


  1. Interesting. Nice riff of that artwork. Strong "Stranger Things" vibe.

    The 80s is a cool time to set things because the microprocessor revolution is just taking off; PCs are still primitive, mobile phones are are bricks for the wealthy, there's no Internet — everything's still very analog and disconnected. That has all sorts of story-telling possibilities that simply don't exist today.

  2. It's great stuff, really. The whole premise is you live in a town right near one of the first two particle accelerators built… back in the 60s.

    So… not ENTIRELY the same timeline. 🙂

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