Ravenloft, via World of Dungeons, with Kaylee (video compilation)

Kaylee and I have been playing through the classic Ravenloft (I6) module, solo, using World of Dungeons. For quite awhile, we did it with Discord chat, but that led to a lot of me saying “Dude, seriously, post what you’re going to do,” and her say “I’m sorry – it’s just really easy to forget.”

So the lion’s share of recent progress has been since we switched to playing mostly on Roll20, maybe once every couple weeks.

Yes, I am playing on Discord voice chat, using Roll20 for the play space, with my daughter, while she and I sit in different but adjacent rooms in the same house, because that is somehow easier. That’s my life.

Anyway, I wanted to share the three short sessions we’ve managed to get done so far. It’s an entertainingly non-linear progression through the castle.