Masks, Menagerie Actual Play, Session 41 – We’re in the Future, Let’s Split the Party!

This session is missing player-audio throughout. You can still pretty much figure out what’s going on. In summary…

Ghost Girl and Concord make contact with Jaycee, now a Grail Knight. Charade assembles a dossier on future events: Rook and Jason Quill are in alliance, They are using a rift, centered on a Rook factory, to manipulate probability in their favor, Sablestar is active. The team discusses their options and next steps. Consensus is that the factory should be destroyed, the rift closed, and Jason confronted. Link confronts the Bot and persuades him to make contact with Pneuma again. Mercury returns to his family home and encounters a figure in stasis, guarded by sentries.

Intro music by Mikhael Bureau.