Sixteen years ago, @ktbuffy and I started playing Lord of the Rings Online together, as a Date Night, because she was in New York and I was in Colorado and somehow, the Shire seemed like the closest distance between.

We’re lifetime subscribers, so technically we’ve never not played, but certainly we played a lot ten years ago than two years ago.

I’ve always loved it. I love spending time with Kate, and obviously I love nerding out on Tolkien stuff, and the game (being contractually bound to stick strictly to specific source material) is remarkably true to the books.

… and speaking of the books.

I finished up reading The Two Towers with Sean and Zoe last night, which means we’ll all get to watch the equivalent movie this weekend.


My wife, and I, and all three of my kids are going to get to play some more Lord of the Rings together this weekend. (Check out the last picture of that crew of hobbits. That’s us!)


Long post to say “I like how things turn out, sometimes.”