Scum and Villainy, Session 01, “Five Smugglers Walk Into a Bar…”

We get our Scum and Villainy game rolling… with a dead body. (randompodcast): Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe:

Scum and Villainy, Session 00, Actual play

We work out the crew and characters for our new Scum and Villainy game. (randompodcast): Play in new window

Masks, Phoenix Academy, Session 10 – Midterms Meltdown

The team deals with midterm drama. (randompodcast): Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts |

For the (Lizard) Queen!

Kim can’t make the regular Friday game, so Kate and Amanda and I play For the Queen! (randompodcast): Play

For the Queen! actual play podcast

Our schedule is crazy, so rather than our regular campaign, we do a one-shot of For the Queen! (randompodcast):

Masks, Phoenix Academy, Session 8 – Jiggety Jig

The team figures out Alias’s diversion and block his access to the computer servers at their (previously, his) base.

Apocalypse World, Ironwall, Session 01, Creaturchgoer

Our first session! Serran faces down Kreider and takes January’s shiny new gun back to Grand Central with her. Kreider

Apocalypse World, “Ironwall” Session 0.5, part 2

Kim, Kate, Amanda, and I work out the rest of Session 0 world/character building, and set up the opening scene

Masks – Phoenix Academy – Session 6 – Date Night in Cloud Cuckoo Land

The team faces off against Oversight’s disapproval, then (finally) gets their date night with the bois. (randompodcast): Play in

Actual Play: Masks Phoenix Academy, Session 5 – Snaking My Way Downtown

The team is in Belize. Ember melts Belize. Palacine snakes one of her palace guards out of a crater. Silhouette

Masks Phoenix Academy, Session 3 – Why I Hate Gym Class (or: The Secret of Jack-toast)

The team deals with the most horrible of school challenges – a Tuesday morning after a bad Monday. Ember’s mom

Masks Phoenix Academy, Session 2 – The Non-Frolick

The team deals with teacher-pressure, social pressure, and a team-building exercise that goes sideways. Everyone – especially Sil – had

Masks Phoenix Academy, Actual Play, Session 01 – Comicbook Clickbait

Our first session with Kaylee and her friends as Silhouette, Ember, and Palacine. The team fights Voltaic, recovers in the

Masks EG – Session 00 AP Recording

In which our players create their heroes. PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT a great recording – we were in a

Podcast AP: Freebooters on the Frontier 1 on 1 – Character generation

Kaylee and I decided to do something fun with Freebooters on the Frontier. There will be more of this. Intro