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WISH 28: Movies for Gamers

What are three movies that have inspired you as a gamer? Would you recommend them to other gamers, and if so, what would you tell them to look for and/or hope for them to get?

Dark City – Arriving on the scene more than a year before the Matrix, this movie left an indelible imprint on my Things in Heaven and Earth game that I think it’s unlikely any movie will repeat. If you took Dark City and Sandman influences out of TiHE you’d pretty just be left with the funny quotes.
Tremors: Everyone can go list “Alien” or “Aliens” as their favorite “things trying to eat us” movie (And I love em too), but while those might be great movies, Tremors is how Aliens comes out when it’s fed into a group of Players. The repeated sight and prop gags, the soundtrack, the sense that the actors were having SO MUCH FUN in each scene… I just hope my games are half that fun. It’s a reminder that you can’t always be serious (not that my groups usually could be if they tried) — Gods laugh, too.
Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight: I will always love this move. The premise formed the basis of my first Amber game (sort of. There’s always a sort of.) I loved the alternate history, the b-movie acting, the summoning of zombie-demons by spilling blood on the ground.
And Billy Zane… he’s dreamy.

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