Ivy & Hyacinth; Session 1, intro 3

[This last intro log was easily the most difficult, since we didn?t do much more with ?pat? than set the stage for upcoming events… by this point our time was running out.]

A wooded copse looks down over an open expanse of grass. Faeries flit from shadow to shadow in the gloaming beneath the trees, occasionally circling the head of the creature that stands at the border of darkness and light. The creature is not human, but seems to give the impression of a humanoid form, if that form were composed of the firm but pliable substance of a mushroom, it?s skin the durable ?leather? of a puffball. It?s toes dig into the earth beneath it and flat black ?eyes? take in the world beyond the trees.
The strange shadows of a city loom all about this small patch of tamed wilderness ? the place were she stands is a temporary refuge at best.
Why the creature thinks it needs a refuge is unclear even to it, but somehow it knows.
As it ponders the how and why of that it senses a type of smoke, somehow both near at hand and very far away. It knows this smoke is called ?incense? and that knowledge brings with it something like fear.
The smell grows stronger.

Quick Summary: The Graf of Fungus
Aspect: 0
Domain (Fungus): 4
Realm: 2
Spirit: 2

Gift: Fast Reincarnation (when the Graf is killed, it?s body accelerates into decomposition as, somewhere else in the world, it?s body and spirit are reconstituted from the fungal matter at hand). 3 pts.

Limit of Spirit: Uninspiring

Restriction: The Graf can be Summoned by those who know the proper ritual. Normally, it finds such interruptions rather enjoyable, since the sort of people who would choose to summon the Sovereign Power of Fungus are often quite… interesting.

[The Graf of Fungus is played by Margie Kleerup.]


  1. That’s what I thought — the rapid reincarnation hasn’t found it’s way onto the official character sheet yet, but I sure hope it does, since it makes the physically unimposing power very ‘durable’ (in a sense) and perfectly embodies the Cycle of Life that is the character’s central Code.
    (In accelerated microcosm, anyway.)
    Something similar would work very well for making the King of Cities from The Authority.

  2. In fact, the Authority makes a very good blueprint for a ‘celestial family’ — all the main characters are very Iconic.
    Jenny Sparks, Spirit of the 20th century
    Jack Hawksmoor, King of Cities
    “The Machine”
    Apollo, the Sun God
    The Midnighter, who’s Domain is irrelevant — his *Aspect* is a Five.
    Swift, Power of Hunting Birds

  3. I can see one of Fungus’ Anchors being a Truffle Hog about the size and intelligence of the god from the beginning of Princess Mononoke.
    That would be tres cool!
    Come to think of it, a lot of the Shinto mythos would work out for much of the Nobilis Game. Heck they even have the Chrysanthemum Throne!
    Even the Ghost in the Shell series would work (especially series two?it even has a chancel).

  4. Actually, one of her Bonds (emotional commitments) is in fact a truffle hog 🙂

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