‘The Golden What?’

Things go awry in discussing a one-shot JL supers game with Randy on the phone.
[Warning, mention of sexual paraphenalia follows.]

Randy: So I’ve been thinking about this one-shot supers thing I’ve been wanting to do, and I figured out another good one besides the movie-x-men thing.
Doyce: What’s that?
Randy: Justice League, using guys from the animated show. It works really well, and it’s familiar to almost everyone even if you’re not into supers.
Doyce: Cool.
Randy: The only thing that would need changing is some of Wonder Woman’s background.
Doyce: Well, it’s a one-shot, it’s not like it’ll matter that much.
Randy: Yeah, but you have to establish what kind of resources she has, and where her home is. The Amazon Island thing they use on the show is lame, and it doesn’t explain a lot of stuff.
Doyce: Like…
Randy: Like why she wears a thong.
Doyce: She doesn’t wear a thong.
Randy: Depends on who draws her.
Doyce: She doesn’t wear a thong on the show.
Randy: No, but she’s still wearing high-heeled boots. Her people have obviously studied some of the outside culture.
Doyce: Thongs and high-heeled boots?
Randy: It’s a good thing they didn’t make the lasso a whip.
Doyce: You have to wonder what channels they’re picking up out on the island.
Randy: “Diana, we’ve studied the culture and found out that many of the men in the highest levels of power obey and willingly accept punishment from women dressed in this fashion — we think it’s exactly that sort of image you want to project.”
Doyce: “Mother… what’s this?” “That’s the Golden Butt-plug of Justice; it forces evildoers to tell the truth.”
Randy: Now we know what that tiara’s for.


  1. Heh.
    The show has (so far as I’ve seen) not gone into any of the wildly convoluted backstory for WW (e.g., why she wears red, white, and blue costuming). OTOH, WW-as-newbie works well.
    The cool thing about JL-TAS as a setting is that the heroes are relatively balanced. Supes is still really powerful, but he can be knocked down with a good zap. Ditto for the others. Flash is more Quicksilver-speed. The biggest wild card is Martian Manhunter, the parameter of whose powers (how strong is he, how telepathic is he, how much/often/long can he shapeshift) are pretty vague.
    Margie better get to play Hawkgirl, though, or there’ll be hell to pay.

  2. Course now I’m curious. Doyce and Dave, of the 8 characters who would you want to play??

  3. If we’re talking the JL … either Supes or the Flash. Probably Supes.
    GL wouldn’t be bad, either. Kind of fun.
    Of course, I’d put my money on Batman in any given encounter.

  4. Batman, Superman, WW, GL, Hawkgirl, MM, Flash …
    There are only seven standards on the JL Animated.

  5. I can see you as SuperMan, Dave. Batman will always be my favorite though.
    Do you guys think I could pull off the Dark Knight?

  6. Probably GL, although this isn’t the GL version that I’m into.
    GL would be a good one for me because of the Variable Power Pool From Hell ™ that his ring represents.
    Having said that, Martian Manhunter would be okay, except for the fact that (a) his power level is somewhat undefined in TAS (b) it’s shockingly high in other media (c) I know next to nothing about him.
    Then again, I could build up a speedster Flash that might be fun (“I punch him at 32 ft/sec/sec.” đŸ™‚
    Supes: Dave
    Bats: Lori
    WW: Jackie
    Hawkgirl: Margie ‘It’s all about the smiting smacking’ Kleerup
    ?GL/Flash/MM?: Doyce
    Heck, it’s the closest we’ve ever gotten to a definitive player list for Randy’s perennial supers-one-shot.
    Turning that around to project on the ‘movie X-men’ version of the game (playing mostly the kids)…
    Kitty Pride:
    Seems like there should be some others, but I can’t remember any. Oh, Jubilee (ugh)… probably some of ‘real’ team members.

  7. Actually, the XMen idea was to start a couple of hours after X2, using Cyke, Storm, Wolvie, Nightcrawler and extras (Colossus, Iceman) as necessary. Xavier is too wiped out (and powerful) and Jean is at the bottom of a lake.
    Stryker’s computer had a list of mutants. Some of them are more brainwashed agents, some are yet to be processed. Magneto has the list too. And the Prez. Mission: get them out before Magneto does or the conspiracy has them killed in a coverup. (If the prez had been part of the group, X would know.) Also, the X-jet is in bad shape, the mansion is compromised and wrecked, you need to stash the kids somewhere and Xavier has passed out from overstrain.

  8. Which is very odd and interesting.
    No one wants to admit that they all want to play wolverine.

  9. I want to play Wolverine. But Nightcrawler would be a blast… But then again, I’m, what, 1800 miles away? đŸ˜‰

  10. Well, with Cyclops you’d have to embrace… make that go with his essential dickness.
    Storm is an arrogant power-queen and she can fly.
    Beast is fun, loquacious — hey, Dave! — and a friggin’ genius, even if he isn’t furry and blue.

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