Updated shedule

Current schedule, through November
Oct 25, Saturday: Chrysalis C (Presuming Dave and Margie can get away in the later afternoon.)
Oct 27, Monday: Chrysalis A
Oct 31, Friday: Halloween
Nov 1, Saturday: Cry Havoc
Nov 2, Sunday: OA
Nov 3, Monday: OA
Nov 7, Friday: DnD
Nov 8, Saturday: Chrysalis C
Nov 9, OA
Nov 10, Monday: Chrysalis A
Nov 14, Friday: OA Ends (?!?)
Nov 15, Saturday: Cry Havoc
Nov 16, Sunday: Spycraft
Nov 21, Friday: DnD? (don’t know if Robert and Lori can make it. Margie can’t)
Nov 22, Saturday: Chrysalis C
Nov 24, Monday: Chrysalis A
Nov 27, Thursday: Thanksgiving

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  1. As always, you provide an excellent service here, Doyce. Looks good to me, and I suspect we can break away from the ‘rents on Saturday.

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