The beginning of the end of the beginning…

So I wrapped up the OA campaign last Friday night with the the most unwrap-uppy wrap-up I’ve ever done. Let’s go over the salient points:
I introduced a new Evil Faction.
I reintroduced a new Bad Guy.
I failed utterly to bring closure to any of the various personal storylines going on, merely advancing them slightly and leaving them dangling in tantilizing ways.
In short, I did little more than leave things in a very good position for a sequel campaign. So good, in fact, that my players are already asking for it. (For which I partly blame Last Samurai).
And yes, I’m considering it. But not now, and not soon. I accomplished the closure of one of the campaigns I was trying to close up, and I’m going to revel in that for awhile (and keep plugging away at the end of the current DnD game).


  1. No, not immediately. I think everyone wants a breather, and I have some Shishiko stories to write, and there are plenty of other Gruesome Fish in the RPG Ocean.
    But eventually. Oh, yes, eventually.

  2. The thing that makes me think that OA may start up again is the fact that every one of your players (except Justin) told me glowing, in depth, and humorus tales of the “last Episode” of OA.

  3. Well, no. Not with Gu Hiruma. Gu was fun but I’ve been there and done that now. Too bad it would be really hard to shoehorn a Scorpion into the group. But OA in general, cool.

  4. From a story telling point of view, it might make sense for Gu to go away (now that he has fulfilled his plot purpose.

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