Grim Therapy, group 2, actual play

As mentioned in this post (where I talk about the characters), the DnD game didn’t occur a couple of weeks ago, so we played a session of the “Grade School” sorcerers set up, as seen in the Grimm Therapy section of RandomWiki.
Here’s what happened.

Like every single one of the my Sorcerer sessions thus far, I simply took the Characters’ Kickers and ran with them, promising myself I’d work out a relationship map *prior* to the game one of these times.
The session starts with all of the PCs (plus one other kid) sitting in the front waiting room of the Principal’s office. It’s 3:25 pm, and they’re waiting for their parents to show up, ‘because of what happened.’
The secretary admonishes the kids to be good while she goes to make a few copies in the Printing Room and leaves the office.
Silence. Then the pale-skinned, dark-haired kid in the corner looks up at them and says “Well, what did you guys do?”